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Book Review: D.N.Angel Volume 5

September 5, 2014


With my event for the Bloodcurdling Blowout over, I guess that I should keep my promise of keeping the break from my trip down memory lane short and continue on with it.

Bloodcurdling Blowout 2014

September 3, 2014


Seeing as how the last book I reviewed was disappointing, I thought I would take a break from my trip down memory lane just for today, so that I could help out with a giveaway that was just started.

Book Review: D.N.Angel Volume 4

August 27, 2014


Well, it looks like things are still going pretty well.

Book Review: D.N.Angel Volume 3

August 10, 2014


Things seem to be going fairly well, though distractions do crop up from time to time.

Book Review: D.N.Angel Volume 2

July 26, 2014


As I mentioned in my previous review, I found that that two titles that I had been following before Tokyopop disappeared, which was before I got this domain name, were rescued by Viz and I decided to give one of those series another chance by getting eight of the volumes.

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