Launched back in 2011 using a free web address, and moving to the current domain name in 2012, this site was focused in talking about writing, anime, technology, and books, trying to deliver honest and critical, yet fair, reviews.

Over the years, this site has become a go to place for reviews of Detective Conan, and how it stacks up against other works found in the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres, as well as the blogger’s thoughts on what Gosho Aoyama has delivered in the cases that can be found in the Viz Media releases, based upon his knowledge of what is currently happening or has happened in the series.

Outside of coverage of Detective Conan, the site has focused more on trying to deliver honest and critical, yet fair, reviews of anime, manga, and books that the writer gets mostly through his own pocket, with one writer impressed with how they found out what they did right and wrong.

If you like reading good books or manga or watching anime, or even Detective Conan, you will feel right at home as the blogger tries to determine whether each title was worth the time spent or not, though he cannot promise any writers or studios that they will come out unscathed if they disappoint him too much.

About Blogger

Bryce enjoys reading various kinds of books, though he mainly pays attention to manga and crime fiction, and has easily read more than a hundred books over the course of his life, and written at least five books of his own, which he acknowledges are not perfect, much like the titles he reviews.

He does not remember the first book he read, but he got into both anime and manga thanks to DBZ and many of the other shows that aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami and Adult Swim blocks, and started this site, on a free web address, before moving to the currently used domain name in 2012, so that he can keep track of things that he reads and watches, even when he has no internet.

To learn more about him, please check out his personal site, which can be found on the same domain as this blog.

End Remarks

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