Anime Review: Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes


Well, I expected this blog’s load time to slow down, due to what is going on over here. Fortunately, that does not seem to be the case, unless you guys notice otherwise. Anyway, I have been focusing my attention on reviewing the Detective Conan (Case Closed) movies recently and half the movies that have been dubbed, in the US, have so far been reviewed. Today, I will be reviewing another one of them, which is called Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes.

As I gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Somebody has been recently targeting the police for some reason and they intend to keep the investigation to themselves. However, on the night of a reception, Rachel witnesses the shooting of Detective Sato. Although she gets amnesia from the shock of the shooting, believing that she was responsible, the killer seems to now be targeting Rachel. Now, it is up to Jimmy Kudo and the police to not only catch the cop killer but also protect Rachel from that individual.


Like the others, even though it has been a while, I did enjoy this movie. Usually, the police are so open about their investigations in not only Detective Conan, but in detective fiction overall too. In real life, people would normally be arrested for trying to investigate crimes themselves. However, in here the fact that the police try to keep it under wraps, which is very suspicious. It would definitely be suspicious if a division pushes their weight around in order to investigate a crime themselves, as opposed to the proper division, but the thing about the case here is that Jimmy thinks that the entire police organization is behind the things, which would not be so surprising considering the fact that even fellow police officers tend to get arrested. Of course, if the entire police organization were involved, they would either close the investigation before doing work or framing somebody. Something else that seems interesting is that Haibara seems to be jealous of the fact that Rachel got amnesia, even if she was partly joking around. I would not blame her, as she seems to be a permanent target of the Black Organization, the same syndicate that Gin and Vodka belong to. However, we cannot go running from our regrets forever. As for the reason Haibara is a constant target of Black Org, I cannot really say, in case there are those who never read the manga or follow the Japanese release. It was also nice how Eva put aside her differences with Richard, in order to help Rachel regain her memories. Then again, many parents should be able to put aside their differences when it comes to the health of their children, unless they very greedy. Of course, I do not get why Richard does not notice that Jimmy, though he still calls him Conan because he has not put two and two together without a single doubt, knows about Eva’s cooking. After all, even though I have not read all the chapters of the manga, nor even every anime episode past 193 (Japanese count), or even between 123 (the last episode to be dubbed and is labeled episode 130 in the US) and 129, I cannot really remember a time where Eva did cook a meal while Kudo was in his Conan state. I think the best part was the end though, but as I do not want to spoil anything, I will not discuss it. It was interesting how Richard was kept out of the loop a lot throughout the movie, which seems more like what the police would do and the fact that Eva tried to make things easier for her daughter, even if Richard did not want her back.


Although the movie was good, there are a few problems. There is, of course, the fact that the TMS edits are still used, as confirmed by MagicBox. On the other hand, like I said in the previous review, it is just a minor issue and most of its problems have been cover in the review for the second movie. Another thing that kind of seems to be annoying is that Rachel is once again the damsel in distress. Yes, the other ones where she fell into that part were only a portion of the movies, but this one she is the main target in the whole movie. Granted, it is better than having Haibara be the damsel in distress much of the time, which she practically is in the manga. The other difference was the fact that she was at least capable of defending herself, whereas other times she was trapped in a building or held hostage after almost drowning. Because of that, I can kind of lower that negative down to a minor issue for this movie.

Despite the fact that the TMS edits are still used and the fact that Rachel seems to be the cliched damsel in distress for the movies, so far, I think this movie definitely more worth it to watch than the first movie. I would recommend this to fans of Detective Conan and mystery. As for those that prefer subbed anime, I think they might enjoy it as there are some Japanese references, so it might be worth a try, but being this is the TMS edited version, they do not really get that unaltered Japanese footage that they are used to seeing. As for everyone else, it may be worth a try, but you will not figure out the culprit without knowledge of Japanese, which I kind of lack myself.

What are you thoughts on Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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