Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 112

December 30, 2013


Things have been frustrating on my end recently, after I took my computer to get serviced, because a major backup device started acting up.

However, I was able to get the data I needed and I can finally cover more episodes from the first seven that make up FUNimation’s fifth season.

Today I will be reviewing the last of those episodes, which is Case Closed episode 112 (Detective Conan episode 106).

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Jimmy, Richard, and Rachel have gone to attend a photography awards ceremony that is said to be the biggest event for photographers.

However, only moments after the ceremony, Jimmy answers a call from somebody they just met saying that his life in danger.

When his corpse is retrieved, the police rule the death as an accident, but Jimmy suspects murder and he must now find out whether or not an acclaimed photographer is responsible.


I am not sure about this one. The case was somewhat setup well. As for obvious things, there were still things that I could not notice right away. I liked how a body did not just show up when our usual trio is at a particular place. Yes, there are other cases where a body does not just show up, but like the whodunit cases, this is usually what happens in many of the cases in Detective Conan. Then again, dead bodies just appearing everywhere the protagonist or protagonists go is something quite common in the detective fiction genre, especially many of Agatha Christie’s works involving Hercule Poirot, so I guess it just means that Detective Conan does deserve to be labeled as a work of detective fiction. I also liked how the culprit was busted on live television. While the same thing kind of happened in episode 31 (Japanese count), the broadcast there started as a private broadcast, not a public broadcast. However, the broadcast as it was presented in this case was a live and public broadcast from the beginning, since they did say that ratings went through the roof. I have no doubts that such a broadcast would get high ratings. After all, it does get boring when most of the crime shows on television networks go over cases that have already been solved, which means that all of the facts of the case have been gathered. On the other hand, showing an investigation as it is happening, instead of through reenactments, will be probably pose a lot of danger to the camera crew or could become dull because cases are not wrapped up in the same way that we associate with famous detectives in fiction, such as Sherlock or Poirot. Still, that might make me want to watch primetime television more than I do right now. There were also some funny parts, but thee funniest had to do with the broadcast. Richard was asked to be a guest, but the show, which is supposed to be hosted by our only suspect in the case, is hijacked by Jimmy, after he knocks out Richard, and brings out unexpected, at least for the host, guests. I am not too sure how well that would go in real life, because I doubt talk shows would allow their guests to bring guests on stage without somebody in the staff being informed, but it did make me laugh a bit. Outside of that, nothing much really caught my eye. The fact that a dead body did not just suddenly show up and the fact that the culprit was busted on broadcast that was live and public from the beginning, as well as how Jimmy essentially hijacked the show created a bit of humor, made this somewhat enjoyable.


Although there are things that I liked, there are some issues. First, the case was not that interesting. Usually, cases in Detective Conan that have only one suspect seem to be great cases in one way or another, but there are cases fall short, some of which even come from Gosho Aoyama himself. However, seeing as this is a filler episode, according to Detective Conan World, Gosho cannot be blamed for the dull case. It looks like Japan is back to making terrible cases for the anime. Honestly, since they should know names like Sherlock and Lupin, they should know what attracted people to them, which were interesting cases and heists. As I have said before, if there are too many dull cases, people will just stop following that detective or the series they belong to. Of course, things are made worse when we find out how different the Japanese seasons are from FUNimation’s season sets. While this is only the seventh episode of FUNimation’s fifth season, this turns out to be the last episode of Japan’s fourth season, according to Detective Conan World’s episode list. I think that was a stupid thing to do. I think that series like Detective Conan should end start their seasons and end their seasons with interesting cases, because that would make people want to see more. For example, if episode 76 (Japanese count), where at least three characters, including Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori, from Magic Kaito, KID’s own manga series, made their debut and FUNimation’s third season ends, I doubt I would have wanted to continue on with the anime, especially since I prefer the manga version of Detective Conan these days. Then again, FUNimation does not always end its seasons very well either because I was not fond of episode 25 (Japanese count), which ended FUNimation’s first season. Unfortunately, all this is caused because of my second issue with the case. The suspect’s guilt seemed to be too obvious. True, there is only one suspect, but the way things were handled here seemed to be much worse than other cases where there was only suspect, such as episodes 36 and 38 (Japanese count on both). In episode 36, things seemed to be so much better because there was not a whole lot that could have told me the dentist was guilty. However, in this case, we see interaction between the suspect and the victim prior to the murder and then we actually see the victim on the phone with Jimmy as he is about to be attacked. The blame for this issue falls on the Japanese. If they had not shown any interaction between the suspect and victim that made it obvious that the two were not fond of each other, or even just cut out the footage of the victim talking on the phone and just see Jimmy’s side of the phone call, the case would have improved in quality by quite a bit. Other than that, the only other issues I noticed were the same ones that appeared in the fourth season set. The fact that a few scenes made the suspect’s guilt too obvious, thus making the case less interesting, really hurt a somewhat decent case.

Despite the fact that there were some good things about the case, the negatives outweigh it enough to make it a waste of time. I recommend that everyone, regardless of whether you are a newcomers to Detective Conan and/or the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres in general or not, to skip this episode.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episode 112? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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