Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 3


Well, it looks like the upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion worked out pretty well, though I was expecting to do a clean install from my method. On the other hand, there were some issues I had to resolve and some of my software is not functioning well. However, things are functioning well enough that I can still do blog posts. Anyway, I am still watching the episodes of Detective Conan (Case Closed). Today, I will be reviewing Detective Conan (Case Closed) episode 3.

As I gave series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Three days have past since Jimmy Kudo became a kid again. Unfortunately, Richard does not have cases come in very often and Jimmy wants to find the men who gave him the poison quickly. Later in the day, after Dr. Agasa shows Jimmy Kudo his first new gadget, a pop idol and her manager come to Richard with a stalker case. However, when Jimmy, Rachel, and Richard arrive at idol’s place, they find a corpse with a knife in its back. There are three suspects and it is up to Jimmy Kudo to find out what really happened.


I liked this episode quite a bit. Unlike the previous two, which had something obvious that pointed out either the culprit or the innocence of a suspect, there was not practically anything obvious about this case, except how the person died. I also liked how hard it was for Jimmy to get people to listen to him in this case. After all, things in our society are how I described them in my review of the last episode. Another thing that counted against Jimmy was that this was his first case dealing with a dead body since the first episode. However, I was surprised that Richard picked up on the little hints that Jimmy Kudo threw out. Yes, he did take in some hints from what Jimmy was doing last episode, but Jimmy did not blurt out as much the last episode as he did here. Yet, the best part was the revelation of the case. As I do not want to spoil too much, I will not be saying much other than the fact that not only was the culprit not obvious but the culprit was also shocking. The fact that almost nothing related to the case was obvious certainly brings improvement to the series.


Although I did like the episode, there were things that were not so great. First, even though things were not technically obvious, the fact that at least one of the suspects was lying was obvious. In real life, that would not be unbelievable but when it comes to proving innocence, it would have been better to not to say anything. However, it does reveal a motive for that person, which Richard obviously points out. Also, both Richard and Meguire jump to conclusions way too quickly. Then again, that is what Richard does most of the time in the movies and the show itself. Also, I do not get how Jimmy was able to get Richard’s voice correct with his voice-changing bow tie seemingly without testing it. Yes, he had to have been around Richard a lot when he really was a kid, but he just got the gadget and only tested it once in the show. At least in the manga counterpart, Jimmy did test it to make sure that he got Richard’s voice. Finally, a minor issue that I had was using questions that pretty much ruled out all the suspects. One of those suspects could have used Richard in order to prove their innocence by saying that they just arrived on the scene with him. Meguire almost entirely forgot that possibility when Jimmy, using Richard’s voice, stated those questions. While most of my complaints, like the obvious lie of a suspect and Meguire completely forgetting that Richard could have been used, are minor issues, the situation with the bow tie voice changer is a huge issue, but not enough to take down the quality of this episode, if it does at all.

Despite the fact that some things were obvious and Jimmy got Richard’s voice without testing, which is still an issue in the series but with people other than Richard, I would say that this episode was definitely worth watching. I recommend this to fans of the Detective Conan manga and anime, well as fans of detective, crime, and mystery fiction. For everyone else, this episode seems like a better starting place than the pilot, if you want to try out the waters.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episode 3? Do you agree or diagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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