Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 33

January 9, 2013


It looks like things are progressing nicely. Even though I am still in the early episodes of FUNimation's second season of Detective Conan (Case Closed), I only have to cover 22 episodes because of the four I covered last year, as well as the fact that there are not any hour long episodes in this season according to MagicBox. Since I have already covered two of them already, only 20 remain. Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed episode 33 (Detective Conan episode 32).

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Rachel has plans for the day. She is going on a date with Jimmy, or so she tells Jimmy, since she does not know that Conan is actually Jimmy. Realizing the obvious lie, Jimmy decides to try and find out who Rachel is really meeting. In order to get Jimmy leave, Rachel decides to go buy some cake. However, before she can get back, a patron finds blood in the restroom and Jimmy discovers that one of the other customers is dead behind a stall door. Now, Jimmy has to discover who out of all the patrons killed the woman in the stall and leave the matter of whom Rachel was supposed to meet for another time.


I thought this was okay. The case was setup somewhat well. There were also parts that were pretty funny, but most of those were to do with misunderstandings. For example, the person that Jimmy thought was supposed to meet Rachel turned out to be waiting for Serena. I have said many times before that assumptions are bad. Unfortunately, envy does lead to making assumptions and Jimmy yet again shows his jealousy over somebody taking Rachel from him. Another good thing was that the episode was as fairly faithful, with a few exceptions. Outside of that, I can really think of any else that I particularly liked. The fact that there were some funny parts and the fact that the episode was fairly faithful to the manga as it could have been does shine some positive light on this episode.


Although there was some good about the episode, there were certainly some issues. First, the culprit seemed a bit obvious. It was by no means as obvious as episode 6, but still quite obvious. Everybody that went to the restroom after the victim came out of the bathroom with pretty much the same appearance and nothing to hide, whereas the culprit, who came out of the bathroom while Jimmy was talking with Rachel on the phone, hid one of his hands in his pocket. I do not have a habit of watching people going in and out of the bathroom, but I doubt an innocent person would hide any of his or her hands in their pockets after coming out of the bathroom. There just does not seem to be any reason for it. Honestly, I did not need to know that the culprit tied the bandage on their finger differently to know they were guilty. Speaking of tying it differently, that is one of the more notable differences between this episode and its manga counterpart. In this episode, the culprit has a perfect bowtie-like appearance on the bandage. However, in the manga version there is absolutely no tying that we can see on the bandage until he is exposed as the murderer. While they are different, it is similar enough that I feel like I have to blame Gosho for making the criminal so obvious here. Gosho can be better than this and yet he lets me down by making things obvious. Then again, not every case he has Jimmy deal with is an interesting case, so I cannot be too mad at him. Another thing that I found that was more an annoyance than major issue was that the guy that turned out to be waiting for Serena met her at the television studio murder case, which happened in the last episode. How did she end up at the television studio? Considering that Japan had cut her from the last episode, I am likely to guess that this is more the fault of Japan than a dub error by FUNimation. On the other hand, MagicBox is the only one that can confirm my guess, since he is more dedicated to making comparisons between the Japanese and FUNimation versions of episodes than I am. However, in the manga, the same guy says he met Serena, before we find out it was her that he was meeting, at a ski resort. Looking through the volume listings on Detective Conan World, I cannot see any listings of a ski lodge/resort case that happens before the volume that contains the manga counterpart of this case, they could have easily referenced the same place without hurting anything. The biggest issue I have with this episode though is the fact that the case just does not seem that interesting to me, even in the manga. I was more interested in finding out who Rachel was going to meet than dealing with a case where the only mystery was how the victim ended up dead and lying against the door. Fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction want interesting cases. I have said this time and time again, and cases like these just do not seem to evenly remotely satisfy that desire. In fact, the only thing that is so important about this episode is the fact that Eva, Rachel's mother, is finally introduced. While things like changing the place where Serena and her first met from a ski resort to the television studio is just an annoyance, since Serena never appeared in the last episode, the fact that the culprit was obvious and the case was not really that interesting does quite a bit damage to the episode.

Considering that the bad outweighed the good and the only important thing was the introduction of Eva Kaden, I have to say that this episode was a waste of time. I recommend fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction to skip this because the culprit was obvious and the case was dull. As for Detective Conan (Case Closed) fans, I would only recommend this if one wants to see where Eva was introduced. As for everyone else, this might serve as a good introduction to the series, but the fact that the case was dull does not make it a good introduction to the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres in general.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episode 33? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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