Anime Review: Case Closed Episodes 110 & 111

December 5, 2013


I guess that I am kind of lucky this week.

Back in November, I decided to put my break from the Detective Conan (Case Closed) anime on hold and cover the first seven episodes of FUNimation's fifth season set, which corresponds to the final seven episodes in Japan's fourth season, according to Detective Conan World.

So far, I have covered four of those episodes and only three remain. Today, I will be reviewing Case Closed episodes 110 & 111 (Detective Conan episodes 104 & 105).

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Richard has received a letter requesting his help to investigate some strange phenomena at the client's new residence, and Jimmy, Richard, and Rachel go to check things out.

However, when they get there, Jimmy suspects that more is going on than is what the trio is being told and he must find out the whole truth.


I kind of liked this case. It was setup pretty well, and, except for a few things, not much was obvious. I liked how the break from the usual whodunit style of cases seemed to extend into this case. As nice as a whodunit mystery can be, it does get boring when case after case is a whodunit. After all, it is hard to hide a culprit among multiple individuals, since the culprit may seem to stand out among the rest, due one thing or another. I also liked the clues were pretty much the same as the Japanese version. Yes, the clues are bound to be the same because FUNimation has been using the Japanese footage for quite a while, but in cases like the one featured in episode 14 (Japanese count) the dub may not match what I am seeing on the screen. This is somewhat an improvement, since the second movie had a lot of things changed to have the playing card clues make sense, according to MagicBox. After all, the dub for the second movie was released in 2007, also according MagicBox, and the dub of this case was originally released in 2009, according to Amazon's listing for the original fifth season set. Another nice thing is that this case is fairly faithful to its manga counterpart. Pretty much everything I saw in the episodes also happened in the manga, with little, if any, cuts or changes. Things are certainly looking up for the fifth season set. Then again, Japan has been doing well to stay true to the manga, even when the cases had nothing relevant to tracking down Black Org and/or finding an antidote to APTX 4869. There were also some funny scenes, but most of it was Richard overlooking the obvious or jumping to conclusions. Outside of that, I cannot think of anything else that caught my attention. The fact that the break from whodunits continues and the hints are truer to the Japanese version than the dub for the second movie made this a good case.


Although I liked the case, there are some issues. First, when it is revealed that 110 is the clue is related to the police, Rachel points out the Dalmatian and associates it with firemen and movies. True, in the US, the emergency number is the same for all situations, but since the hints are the same as the Japanese version, this does not make sense because a page on the Japan National Tourism Organization site states that 110 is only for the police, whereas the firemen and ambulance is 119. As a result, Rachel's statement strays way too far from the 110 hints, though the movie reference might be close. In the Japanese version, which I had to look up fansubs for, because I cannot trust FUNimation's Japanese track, Rachel associates the Dalmatian with a Disney movie, which is the same thing she does in the Viz translation. While it was still off the mark, she at least kept the three numbers in mind. Taking this into consideration, I can only blame this issue on FUNimation. If they kept the Japanese clues intact for all the episodes they dubbed, then maybe people who prefer subs would not mind the dub so much. On the other hand, even with my limited foreign vocabulary, I understand that some things just do not translate well into other languages. Another thing that annoyed me is something in the epilogue of the last episode of the case. When Richard's real client is rescued, she gives him a watch that the dub says he sold, but at the end, instead of the actual value of the watch or anything, text pops up staying 3:30, which the hands never moved from. In the Japanese version, this is explained because Richard thought the watch could have been a gift meant for her and Jimmy in the epilogue says that the fact that the watch is stuck is at 3:30 proves it. Not only was that the case in the Japanese version, but Jimmy also stated the same thing in manga. Taking that into account, it looks like FUNimation is to blame for not explaining that detail. The thing that annoyed me the most though was the trick involved with the mysterious phenomena was a bit too easy to figure out. The moment I saw the hole in the wall was lined up with a mirror, I knew that the secret involved light. Then again, I was not able to see through the trick entirely, so I can only label this as a minor annoyance. Other than that, the only thing I noticed wrong in these episodes is that the issues from the fourth season set still occur here. While there was one minor annoyance, the things that really hurt this case were things that FUNimation did while dubbing this case.

Despite the fact that many of the issues were caused by FUNimation's dub, the good outweighed it enough to make it something to watch just to kill time. I recommend this to fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, as well as fans of Detective Conan (Case Closed), because the case was decent, but things would make more sense by either reading the manga counterpart or watching it subbed. As for everyone else, this is probably an okay introduction to the series, as well as the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres in general, but I am not too sure that I can recommend this dub.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed episodes 110 & 111? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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