Anime Review: Ef — A Tale of Memories

October 8, 2013


It looks things were somewhat frustrating last week, though I was having fun, because things do not work like they should.

On the bright side, it is nice to sit down and watch something, in order to relieve the stress of such issues. In this instance, it was a show that I recently got from iTunes. Today, I will be reviewing Ef — A Tale of Memories.


Renji and Hiro are having a bit of troubles in their life. They are at the crossroads where they need to decide what they want out of life.

And when they each meet a girl, they must decide or lose their happiness.


I am not sure about this one. The pacing was good. In fact, it was pace well enough that I could get to know the characters, which is something that is definitely needed for a good story. I also liked how Renji and Hiro had different struggles. This is how things are for many of us in society. After all, if it were not the case, we would understand everything there is in life. Another thing that I liked was that both of them had to choose what they wanted the most. Of course, for Hiro, that was a bit harder with how much he had on his plate. Hiro wanted everything, but we unfortunately cannot have everything. We are supposed to use our time on Earth to become better, and when we get everything, there is no room to grow. I also liked how the story Chihiro was writing matched up with the events that she experienced in the series. For example, the character in her story was alone in the world and she herself was also pretty much alone. Yes, she was living with somebody, but she never went to school or interacted with many people before meeting Renji. There were also some funny parts, but nothing really stood out. Outside of that, I cannot think of anything else that I particularly liked. The fact that the characters had their own struggles and had to choose what they wanted, as well as the fact that a story created by one of the characters matched the events made this somewhat enjoyable.


Although there were things that I liked there are certainly some issues. First, the show does not really seem to have any kind of focus. I think this is because we are given two stories in one set of twelve episodes. True, neither one of them seemed to be long enough to take up all twelve on their, but I could not really think of any way to summarize the show, whether it be for this review or if somebody was to come up ask me what this show was about. Honestly, they should have just picked one story and stuck with it, instead of going back and forth. Another thing that I did not like was some of the transitions used. Like the opening to A Certain Magical Index, the made me think that there was something with my display or something. I do not get why animators think that these kinds of transitions make things better, when they are annoying and will make one overlook real display issues. Another thing that I did not like was the style art style itself. Now, this is not my first encounter with a show from Shaft, but it just did not really work for me. The art itself looks like something meant for a show or story in the horror genre, especially since there are a lot of scenes that take place around the evening. However, neither one of the stories seem to fit the horror genre at all. Shaft really needs to have some sort of variations to its art style. I also was not very fond of two of the four main characters. No, they are not as dull as Touma from Magical Index. I just could not really understand their struggles. At least I could understand what the characters struggles were in Clannad. Again, this is due to the fact that we have two stories going on at the same time, which are not connected by anything except two girls sending text messages to each other. For example, with Hiro, we know that he is busy with both work and school, but we never really saw him try his best at school. All we ever see is Hiro being on the roof at school, doing things outside of school with Miyako, whom he met on Christmas Eve, or drawing manga at his desk. I do not really understand why he did not quit school earlier anyway, because he was not doing anything there. Then again, I am one to talk because there are things that I find pointless because they are things that neither interest me, nor are necessary. As for Renji, he seemed like a nice guy, but I just could not understand his pain that he went through. Yes, he did go through so much, but I do not get how he can become so attached, when Chihiro is most likely not going to remember him the next day. If anything, I would have not considered have such a girl as anything more than a friend. I guess that is why Himura, the one dealing with the situation between Chihiro and Renji said not to get involved. The fact that the show cannot seem to focus on one story for too long ruined what could have been a great show.

Despite the good present, the negative outweigh its enough to make it something to kill time. I would recommend this to people that cannot find anything better to watch.

What are your thoughts on Ef — A Tale of Memories? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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