Anime Review: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

December 15, 2014


Things still seem to be going fairly well.

As I mentioned before, I received some books and iTunes credit as presents recently, and so far, I have covered both the books I received, which means that it is time to cover some stuff from iTunes, though one of them cannot be covered due to an incomplete release.

Today, I will be reviewing the purchase that I can cover, which is called Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet.


Many years after humans decided to go out into, humanity is in the midst of a war of survival against entities that want to eradicate the remnants.

At least, that is what a soldier named Ledo has been told his entire life.

However, while attempting to get back to base during a battle, something happens to Ledo that lands him in a place with primitive technology and breathable air that will challenge everything he knew.


While I was not originally too keen to see this show, due to hearing that this was probably going to be like other shows with giant robots, such as Gundam Wing, which was on Toonami when I was young, I decided to give this show a try because I had discovered the manga and kind of liked it.

After having seen the anime, I have to say that I liked the anime a lot more than the manga. While I was quickly immersed into the world in both mediums, I could not really get a good feel from the manga adaption. Many of you would probably say that it has to do with the fact that unlike other series, such as Pandora Hearts, Detective Conan, and FMA, this series was originally an anime, but I will have to say that I have checked out the source material for a few other titles that I liked, such as Sword Art Online, and I just did not really enjoy those as much as I did the anime. Fortunately, I am glad that the source material of this series did not disappoint in that area. I also really felt that Ledo was truly struggling to get used to his new life in a strange place. After all, if I found myself in a strange place with nobody I knew, I would probably do the exact same things that he did, though some of the things he did might not be within my physical capabilities. Not only would I have been doing pretty much exactly what Ledo, but I probably would have also been having the same questions that he did, seeing as he originally came from space. Another nice thing that I liked is how I actually got to see Ledo change from a soldier that accomplished his mission at any cost to a human that can act on his own and doubt the very things that he was taught. For example, throughout much of the series, Ledo thought that his mission and the goal of the people he was affiliated with was right and could lead people to happiness, but later on when he reunites with a former comrade, who knew all along what Ledo had just learned and that the people that accepted him as one of their own were going to be attacked, he immediately turned on his former comrade. I am not too sure about you guys, but if I spent a lot of time among people that were living happily and peacefully, even though they went against what I was taught, and then found out they were being targeted, I would turn against the very people that I believed, though if I had to put in today’s context and my situation, that would be an entire church. Now, there are many series where characters go through some visible growth and become better people when things end, but what impressed me the most was that all of this was done in a mere 13 episodes. Seeing how there are many shows out there that are far longer that than, it really impresses me how this kind of development could be achieve in such a short run. If books and other forms of entertainment were like this, I probably would not have given up on the stuff produced here where I live, but, unfortunately, things here need to be stretched out into multiple books, or even seasons, just to develop their characters, so it would probably take a long time before we get back to a time where stories start and end in just one run. There were also some things were kind of funny. The funniest was when somebody that Ledo met decides to throw a party, in order to cheer him up, and they ask Ledo to have his robot cook the meat and the robot, called Chamber, vaporized everything on the grill. This is probably why asking an outsider to do anything is probably not a good idea, at least without asking if they know how to perform the task. The thing that I liked the most though was how this show did not feel like it dragged on. Many times in my experience with various series, show that end after less than 20 episodes feel like there is something left unfinished and that their manga counterparts are the only way to see how they truly end. In other instances, like Sword Art Online, the show feels like it has dragged on too long because the creators decided to continue on from the best place to end the show. Here, however, nothing really felt all that useless or even just tacked on. This is how I wish all anime or live action based series were. Unfortunately, creators of any kind of work are a bit too obsessed with milking successful titles to death by making sequels and remakes. Now, not all sequels and remakes are bad, but that does not change the fact that some things should be left alone. This is one of those titles that I think could probably only be ruined by trying to continue the story, since I already see that something else that suggests further exploration into this show's universe. Outside of those things, there was not much else that popped up that I particularly liked. The fact that the the main character actually went through visible development within only a short run and that the show did not feel like it really dragged on, unlike other series before this one, made this a pretty decent show.


Although I did like the show, there are some issues. However, as nothing really annoyed me too much, I will have to say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

What are your thoughts on Gargantia on the Verdurous Plant? Did you like it or hate it? Was there anything you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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