Anime Review: Ghost Hunt

January 3, 2012


I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Years. I definitely have, except for some network issues that came about, due to my discovery of what was not allowing me to utilize the full functionality of my new printer. I think I resolved them now, but there is always the chance it could lose connection. Today's post is a review of a show I purchased from iTunes, called Ghost Hunt.

Mai Taniyama is supposedly a normal high school girl who likes ghost stories. However, her world is changed when she meets a paranormal researcher named Kazuya Shibuya during a night of telling ghost stories on school grounds. Due to his assistant being injured, Mai is asked to be an assistant, instead of being required to pay to replace equipment, which gets her involved in paranormal investigations. Now, she officially works under Kazuya, whom she calls Naru, following him and a group of spiritualists around Japan dealing with the supernatural.

Normally, I stay away from Shojo titles, but I have enjoyed one such series before I saw this one. I really enjoyed this one and laughed at a few scenes. For example, Mai supposedly hates Naru because she views him as a Narcissist, hence the reason for the nickname, but then she turn red, when she though that she had fallen for him. I have to admit it is a bit funny when people blush. In this case, as well as many others, what makes it so funny is the irony of, usually because the other party is not admitting the truth. In addition to funny scenes, there was one case that gave me chills to watch at night. A guy literally rose up from the depths of a bath filled with blood, as if he were the infamous Elizabeth Bathory, who supposedly bathed in the blood of young women, in order to keep her youth. This guy did not care about his though. He just wanted to continue living, even though he was dead. I don't care what anyone else thinks. The hexer case may have frightened some others, but that one pales in comparison to this case. Another good thing about the show is that cases are not always either people faking paranormal activity or real ghosts. Usually, it goes between the two, but one case was caused mainly by a natural occurrence, referred to as subsidence. The cases are not always caused by either ghosts or people and one case definitely was frightening. The humor also made it enjoyable.

No matter how much I like it, there are some things that I did not really like. For example, there appeared to be no story whatsoever. It is like the crime shows or novels where there are cases after cases, but no real story. This could be due to the fact that the story never really finished in animated form. Supposedly, after the final case in the show, there was another case that became the last incident SPR, the name of the business Naru worked at, investigated in a portion of the series. This series was originally in novel format and supposedly covered the background of SPR and Kazuya, much like the last volume of the manga. People other than myself should be able to say for sure though, as I have only watched the anime and read through the 11th volume of the manga online. Another thing that does not seem to be in the show's favor is that it just seems like another boy meets girl kind of thing. Nothing is really wrong with it, as much as it is just over done, like American movies these days that focus more on eye-candy than story. The fact that all the cases have not been animated leads me to believe that there is no story, which takes the show's quality down quite a bit.
The show may be enjoyable, but it is nothing like Clannad or FullMetal Alchemist. Those two had a great stories, with the latter having quite a few unique ideas. I would recommend this to those who like telling ghost stories. For everyone else, I would say that it may be best to skip, but it is not bad enough that it does not warrant a test run.

What is your opinion about Ghost Hunt? Do you agree with me or not? Feel free to comment.

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