Anime Review: .Hack//Quantum


With the OVA collection of FMAB completely reviewed, I can finally move on to the other stuff. As I said in an earlier post, I got two shows from iTunes. Fortunately, all the episodes in the remaining show are related. Today, I will be reviewing that show, which is called .Hack//Quantum.


Three friends go about their day by logging into a game known as The World. Things seem to be fine, until Sakuya meets a cat player character named Hermit. Because of the meeting and a bounty on her head due to an earlier incident, Sakuya is dragged off, along with Hermit, to see the people seeking her out. Even though they escape successfully, with help from Sakuya's two friends, one of Sakuya's friends becomes a lost one. Now, Sakuya and her remaining friend must find a way to bring back their friend.


Like FMA, I have been following the .Hack series for a while, though I do prefer the former. The series was nice and short. Another thing that was nice was the fact that the characters did not seem to be idiots. The story does also seem a bit easy to follow. However, that is all that I seemed to find good about this show.


Even though I have been following the .Hack series a bit, I did not even like this series. Being short, it does need to have a fast pacing, but I never really seemed to care for any of the characters. In fact, I never felt like I actually knew the characters. In FMA and other great series, we are given time to get to know characters and make us want to feel some sort of pity towards them. In this series, however, we are brought right into the action without a proper introduction to our main cast. We do get some flashback moments, but those just do not seem to be enough. We just know that they have been friends for a while. As for the bad guy, which I will not reveal due to major spoilers, I did not really feel any sympathy for him either. Of course, this is all due to its short length. Now, there are some short series have been done well, but even those are more than three episodes, or at least more than half an hour long each episode. The shortness of the series really hurts it, resulting in poor introductions that cause me to not really care about the characters.

Because of the short length and the problems caused by it, I cannot really recommend this series to anyone, even fans of the .Hack franchise.

What are your opinions of .Hack//Quantum? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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