Anime Review: Inuyasha: The Final Act

March 31, 2013


Since my season pass has finally ended, I can cover whatever I want, without having to worry about keeping up with something. Still, things will not be complete without going over the series itself. Today, I will be reviewing Inuyasha: The Final Act (volume 1, volume 2).

Kagome is an ordinary girl that goes to school and spends time with her friends.

However, her world is turned upside down when she is dragged inside a well and finds herself 500 years in the past.

While there, she discovers that she has something that others want, and soon causes it to break.

Now, most of the pieces have been recovered, but Kagome and Inuyasha, a demon who teamed up with her, are not the only ones after the jewel, as Naraku is determine to get what he wants.


I am not too sure about this show. Many of the episodes were good in some way. I could even see things that were relevant to our society. I also liked how everyone finally gets to see how the series ends. Most people who have seen the first anime were not too thrilled that it just ended with nothing happening. They could have definitely gone the same route that Bones Studio did with the original FMA anime. At the same time, I doubt that it would have been very good. After all, most of the anime I have seen do not wrap up as nicely as the 2003 anime adaptation of FMA did. I also liked how we finally got to see some changes in a few, if not all, of the characters. For example, when Kagome and Inuyasha started off, Kagome just seemed really weak and seemed to continually scream out Inuyasha's name. Even though she does it in this series too, we at least see her doing something that does not make me annoyed on a few occasions. After all, being an adolescent, I would not expect her to be as helpless as Rin, who normally follows Sesshomaru around. Another noticeable change occurs in Sesshomaru. Back when we are first introduced to him in the first anime, he seemed very heartless and considered Tenseiga a piece of garbage, and not so willing to draw it. Here, however, he seems to continually want to use it revive those close to him. That is certainly a surprising change, but considering that Rin has been with him for quite a while, I guess that this change kind of makes sense. The pacing was somewhat good and was not really that hard to follow. Another nice thing is that the humor and action fans expect from this series was mostly present throughout, which means that this show is definitely being handled right. The fact that we finally get a true ending and the fans get the humor and action they expect, as well as the fact that we see some growth in the characters, certainly makes this show look good.


Although the show was good, there were certainly some problems. First, which I was sure was pointed out to me by AstroNerdBoy via a blog comment, there has been a ton of material from the manga that is not present in the anime. For example, in manga chapter 357, which picks up where the first anime leaves off, there is an incident involving a snake and a medicine man. However, in the first episode of Inuyasha: The Final Act, all we see from that chapter is Kagura getting to see Goryoumaru in a cell. Immediately after that, but still in the same episode and after the incident of Kohaku fighting a demon possessing a kid, we are treated to the demise of hakudoshi, which does not occur until chapter 370. On the other hand, since nothing really important happens between 357 and 370, except may be the disappearance of a way to find Naraku's heart and how Goryoumaru got out of his cell, I can only hold the fact that we do not see Gyoumaru get released against the show. There are other instances of chapters and content being skipped, but that does not really hold a candle to the next issue I had. Many times, there were instances in which I was pretty much forced to believe whatever was presented, the worst of which happens in episode 16. As I said in my review of that episode, I do not think I have ever seen anything unique about Kagome or hints of hidden power, except when she found out that the jewel was inside her in the first anime. The people behind the anime seemed to think that showing a flashback of Kagome playing Kagome Kagome was enough of a hint, which AstroNerdBoy's comment on that post states never happened in the manga. The only thing that saved this issue from being the most damaging to the series was that it at least did not happen in the final five or six episodes of the series, since there were only ten episodes remaining after that episode. I also did not like how slow things became, once the final six episodes was reached. Things just seemed to drag on, with very little that gave me any excitement about the final battle with Naraku starting up any moment. However, that issue is a little below my dislike of episode 16, since the fighting actually does begin at some point. The thing that really bugged me though was the final two episodes. As I said in my review of episode 26, the way things were handled in both, it made more sense to combine them into an extended length episode than to leave them be, or they could have at least had both Naraku and the Shikon Jewel be vanquished in the penultimate episode and have the 26th be a sort of epilogue, like how episode 63 of FMAB showed Edward Elric finally defeating Father and giving up alchemy to get Alphonse Elric back and episode 64 was a kind of an epilogue. After all, the Shikon Jewel had been dealt with in only the first nine or ten minutes of episode 26. By doing it the way they did, not only did the last episode feel like it dragged on pointlessly, but also made the series feel the same way, ruining an otherwise relatively good pacing. Outside of those issues, I cannot really think of anything else bad to say, as the targeted audience of this show really would not care about the other flaws. While things from the manga were not aired, what brings about the most damage to the series is that the viewer is forced to believe whatever is said or shown, the worst offender being episode 16, and the fact that because the final two episodes were not either turned into one extended length episode or handled like the final two episodes of FMAB, things just felt like they pointlessly dragged on.

Despite the fact there were things that were nice about this series, the fact that I am forced to believe whatever is presented and the last episode felt like it pointlessly dragged on, because of how it and the previous episode were handled, I can only see this series as something to kill time, even considering that this how Inuyasha really ends. I only recommend this show to current fans of Inuyasha.

What are your thoughts on Inuyasha: The Final Act? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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