Anime Review: Orange Episode 3

Suwa adult

I hope everyone had a good weekend, especially those that had no school during the summer break, or winter break, if you live in the southern hemisphere.

Things have gone pretty well, considering that I have caught to the two simulcasts I decided to follow this season, which allowed me some time to relax.

Today, I will be reviewing the latest episode of the other show, which is called Orange.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Kakeru with girl

Kakeru has joined the soccer club as an unofficial member and Naho’s letter tries to implore her to convince him to become an official member.

However, before she could do anything, somebody has their eye on Kakeru and Naho may end up losing the chance to reveal her feelings.

Naho's teacher

I kind of liked this episode.

Even though the pacing of this series seems to be too slow for some people, I think that this series is going at a pretty decent rate.

After all, when I look at the chapter listing for the manga series on Crunchyroll, there are a total of 22 chapters and this series is slated to last for 13 episodes, according to a page on My Anime List, some content will need to be expanded up to the point of slowing down the series, while other events can be breezed through.

Besides, this seems to be a series where it is really important to understand what the characters are going through the more I search around on how this story progresses from where it is now.

Taking this into account, I think that TMS deserves quite a bit of praise, though maybe not as much praise as I would like to give Kore Yamazaki for the work seen in The Ancient Magus Bride.

I also liked how a bit more details were revealed about what happened to Kakeru in the future.

Now, not everything was explained, since it is not revealed how he died, but when his friends were looking at the letters written to them from the past, they notice that Kakeru does not even talk about a future that he would have wanted, which makes them suspect that Kakeru’s death was not an accident.

I would have suspected the same thing from seeing that.

However, humans are not so easy to understand.

After all, just because a person felt or did or acted a certain way, it does not mean that what is being suggested is the truth, which is clearly illustrated in Agatha Christie’s A Pocket Full of Rye.

Kakeru may indeed have contemplated suicide, but until more details get revealed, I do not want to say for certain that this is the truth.

Still, it gives good insight as to why the letter Naho receives is worded the way it has been and that TMS decided to cover it right now in the anime adaptation makes me want to give them some major props, especially because it makes me more interested in watching the series overall.

The thing that I liked the most was how Naho lost her chance to reveal her feelings to Kakeru.

During the course of the episode, Naho’s letter implores her to express her feelings after getting something from Kakeru and she only replies through writing, which is not seen by Kakeru until after he gives his reply to somebody else.

Over the course of my life, I have heard from my elders and peers that it is the man’s responsibility to be the one that initiates things, while the woman is supposed to wait around for the man to approach her, but not too long for any one man.

However, conveying one’s feelings for another person is no easy task, regardless of whether they are male or female, and we all hate the real possibility of being rejected.

On the other hand, if we do not express our affection for that person we are interested in, that person will never know how we truly feel until it is too late, much like how Naho seemed to be depressed after finding out that Kakeru decided to go out with another girl, instead of her.

This is why I have come to believe that the person with the strongest feelings, regardless of gender, is responsible for expressing such feelings, and no ladies, those hints that you think or are told that men should pick up on that you like him do not always work that well, especially with somebody like me, who realizes that things are not always the way we are told or suggested that they are.

Naho might have a chance to finally reveal how she feels about Kakeru with him directly, but this is some necessary heartache that she is going to have deal with, before she realizes that she would have been better off feeling hurt because she was rejected, instead of feeling hurt because she never got to reveal how she felt.

As such, I am interested in finding out whether or not she will be able to reveal how she felt and if she will continue to attempt to bring about a much happier future for her and her friends or give up on it all, and want to give TMS big round of applause.

Outside of those things, I cannot really think of anything else that I particularly liked.

Because the mystery surrounding the death of Kakeru is explored a bit and that Naho is experiencing heartache because she did not do what she should have, as well as the fact the pacing of this show still seems to be decent for the kind of story this is, made this episode rather enjoyable.

Kakeru & Suwa at practice

Although I liked the episode, there are some issues.

However, nothing really bugged me too much.

As a result, I will have to say there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that there was quite a bit to like, especially Naho losing her chance to reveal her feelings, this was definitely worth watching.

I recommend this to fans of romance.

As for everyone else, it might be worth giving a try, but this point the show may still be a bit slow for some people.

What are your thoughts on Orange episode 3? Did you like it or hate it? Was there something that you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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