Anime Review: Rewrite Episode 6

August 7, 2016

Kotaru & Lucia eating

I hope everyone is doing well this weekend.

I have been having a bit troubles with the network connection on the device I use to follow simulcasts, which made me a bit sad, but things seem to be acting better now and I can finally sit down and watch something that can relax me, though the simulcasts I decided to follow are now starting on their second third.

Today, I will be reviewing the latest episode of one of those simulcasts, which is called Rewrite.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Kotaru & Occult club investigate

The Occult club starts tackling various urban legends that come their way, and a lot of them ended up having had simple and logical answers.

However, when the club finds out about another strange phenomena and is roped into investigating it by Kotaro, Kotaru comes face to face with the girl with white hair in a familiar place and memories he had forgotten resurface.

Kotaru & Occult club gathered

After the disappointment of the previous episode, I was not too sure about how much longer I would be following this, much like how I stated in my review of A Certain Magical Index Volume 7 that I had decided to stop following the Magical Index series after I read the Tree Diagram Remnant arc, which I have yet to get.

However, after watching this episode, it looks like there was some bit of improvement.

I liked how this episode was easy to follow.

Throughout my entire time following anime, I have noticed that quite a few of them actually had a stories that carried over past episodes and is explored throughout the entire series.

Yes, there are a few anime out there that one can could jump into without needing to understand what has already happened.

However, even series that are episodic have storylines, though it is just for that particular episode, and there is not really any way to be able to enjoy episode if it is hard to follow, much like how Rewrite's pilot episode was difficult to follow, not to mention difficult to categorize.

To really be able to enjoy a show, the storyline and the episode itself must be easy to follow, much like how Boku Dake ga Inai Machi was easy to follow for a good majority of the anime and pretty much throughout the entire run of its magna.

In the case of this episode, there were no major questions that cropped up, aside from the ones expected to generate much more interest in the series.

Good job, 8bit. It looks like all the work needed to make something decent has been done. If this kind of quality can be maintained, the series might actually be pretty decent, though it probably would not reach the kind of satisfying quality that can be found in Key's visual novels and the Kyoto Animation adaptation of Clannad.

I also liked how I felt what I should have felt during this episode.

Over the course of the series so far, there have been quite a few instances of mystery that really did feel mysterious, or even slightly sparked my interested in the way that Pandora Hearts could while that series was still running.

Unfortunately, there have also been scenes present in a few episodes, such as episodes 4 and 5, where I just knew that I was supposed to feel something similar to the emotional feel I got from Kotomi Ichinose's route in the Clannad visual novel or Narcissu's first two stories, but they just could not deliver that kind of emotional feel.

This may be 8bit's weak spot that they really need to overcome, so that they can make truly great work, since great series always exude some kind of feeling.

Here, there were not really any scenes that made me think that I should have been sad, and, instead made me wonder what was going on, in a good kind of way, like how a good mystery series makes me want to continue investing my time in it.

While this makes me a bit curious as to why 8bit can deliver well in the mystery department, but not so well in the areas where Key's visual novels and the Kyoto Animation adaptations of a few of those works seem to get right, I am at least glad that they do not utterly fail in this area entirely.

After all, how can one really be able to invest themselves in something if there is no emotional feel?

Then again, there are instances in the church that I normally attend where people claim that they got something that was not really there, much like what is probably happening today at the parish I normally visit, so I guess these kinds of things are much more subjective, at least if the people in the parish are actually being genuine.

For now, I will just give 8bit some minor praise, while hoping that they can improve before the final four episodes première.

Another nice thing about the episode was the comedy.

While it still is not the kind of comedy that is considered high-level in the academic world, I actually felt like laughing quite a bit.

For example, during one of the investigations Kotaro and the gang went on, they ended up at a candy store, even though they were looking into the legendary Excalibur and they found a sword that anybody could wield and easily broke, yet at least one person thought that it was the real thing and kept going on about how the occult club broke it.

I felt like laughing hysterically seeing this, especially because Excalibur is just considered a mythical sword, at least for now, and a real sword would not have broken as easily as the one seen this episode.

Good job, 8bit. Even though you are slacking in a few areas, the comedy has not yet gone to pot, like it has in a few other series.

Hopefully, things stay this way throughout the entire series, or at least until the girl with white hair finally takes center stage.

The thing that I liked the most though were the things that happened towards the end.

After investigating their last case of the episode, Kotaru and Akane talk about how to fix what they saw, with Akane proposing that they rid the Earth of humans, and then Kotaru finds out that an acquaintance has disappeared around the same area that they investigated.

This not only makes me interested in what the truth is about what Kotaru and the group saw, but makes me wonder what Akane's intentions are exactly.

In a story in the crime fiction genre, this would automatically raise a flag of suspicion over Akane, especially for those that are new to the detective, mystery, and crime fiction genres, but this is no guarantee that she had something to do with Kotaru's missing acquaintance, since Agatha Christie's A Pocket Full of Rye did a great job of showing that suspicious behavior does not always equal guilt.

Hopefully, this will be revealed in the next episode, but, right now, I do not want to dilute myself into thinking that Akane is responsible for anything, even if, like most of us in society, she does have something to hide from the general public.

All I can say is that 8bit ended this episode in a great way, and, if they can end more of the episodes in a similar fashion, though not exactly like how this episode ended, they may be able to become as good as Bones Studio, who was behind the first FMA anime, and how Gonzo used to be before they fell from grace.

Outside of those this, I cannot think of anything else that I particularly liked.

Because the episode was easy to follow and delivered the kinds of feelings that I expected from what I saw, and that it managed to catch my attention by how it ended, this episode was fairly enjoyable.

Shizuru holding dino skull

Although I liked the episode, there are some issues.

Fortunately, nothing really annoyed me enough to bother talking about it.

As a result, I will have to say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that there was more to like than hate, this episode was definitely worth watching.

I recommend this to fans of Rewrite and Key's other works.

As for everyone else, this might be worth giving a try, but with the way this have progressed, I suggest watching the previous episodes first.

What are your thoughts on Rewrite episode 6? Did you like it or hate it? If you liked it, do you think 8bit handled this episode better than than the previous two, like I did, or did you like it about the same? Was there something you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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