Anime Review: The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 5

Chise in a tavern where people converse.

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend, regardless of how it is being spent.

Things have been going pretty well, now that things are getting back to where I can attempt to try getting back on normal schedule, and I am still glad that I can do what I like.

Last month, a series that had been wanting to see aired finally premièred, and I had decided to cover it while it ran.

Today, I will be reviewing another episode of that series, which is called The Ancient Magus Bride.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Mina talking to Chise.

Renfred and his partner have taken Chise hostage, and are attempting to keep the duo from ridding world of the thing causing problems for the cat kingdom,

However, just when it seems things dire and Chise realizes she might lose her knew home, she manages to break free and starts to her job, but questions arise as to what path she must take.

Mina, wife of Matthew, smiling.

I must say that I really liked this episode.

From the moment that I started watching this episode, I found myself engrossed enough in it that I did not want to stop watching for any reason.

However, unlike the previous episode and the second one, what drew me quickly was how things picked up right where the last episode left off.

Now, some of you guys might be rolling your eyes, saying that this would be the most obvious thing to happen, since hardly any anime or manga has left things unresolved, but just like it is with manga volumes and other works in a serialized format, the way episodes begin and end plays an important in how well the audience will receive a show.

Back in the last episode, Renfred took Chise hostage and revealed that Ainsworth was keeping something from her that may lead to her early grave, which shocked Chise and made me wonder what exactly and made me excited enough to watch this episode.

In this episode, which also resumes the events of volume 2 of the manga that began as the cliffhanger for the previous episode, it is finally what Ainsworth is keeping secret from Chisel, which clears up a few things like why Ainsworth was angry back in episode 2, where Chise dabbled with magic for the very first time.

While the revelation was not that shocking, since it was hinted at back in episode 3 and I do have extensive knowledge of what is to come from the manga, which is, thankfully, not as far behind the Japanese release over here as Viz Media's Detective Conan releases are, it was still a nice turn of events because Chise, and those that are new to series, are finally starting to learn who Chisel is and what is so special about her, aside from being able to see things that normal people could not, and it makes me wonder what exactly is going to occur next.

If Wit Studio had not started answering some questions like they did, I would have been really disappointed, as the staff at Wit Studio working on this anime have finally shown that they are fairly competent in delivering a good anime episode, instead of just taking the magna and recreating it frame for frame and always ending the episode at the same point where corresponding chapters end.

Fortunately, that is not what happened here, and helped to improve my impression enough that I feel like I could forget the terrible job Wit Studio did adapting Attack on Titan, as well as start showing how good this series could be, even if it took more than three episodes to get there.

Hopefully, thing will only keep improving from here, so that this anime adaptation can be something that I am truly proud of seeing, because that is the only way that fans of the series, such as myself, would be satisfied, especially with the high bar that Kore Yamazaki has set.

Then again, the people working on this anime over at Wit Studio are only human, so I have to keep in mind that this could still turn into the same piece of garbage that Attack on Titan turned out to be.

I also liked how there was a flashback showing how the corruption that Chise and Ainsworth are trying to cleanse.

Normally, I would be expecting something like this to be a one and done event, just like what happened in the third episode, but, during the events of the last episode, a woman, who we now learn is called Mina in this episode, kept asking Chise to erase her existence, and that seemed to show that there was more going on, but it was not all too clear, aside from the fact that staff working on this anime, like Kore Yamazaki, were trying to lead into an emotional moment.

As a result, I was expecting something to happen that would bring out those feelings, by making it seem a bit more understandable, and the staff at Wit Studio decided to include the flashback that Kore put into the magna, which delivered that connection that I needed.

If the staff at Wit Studio had not included this flashback, I would have been really disappointed, as there would have been no meaning in having the emotional moments that were present in the episode and I would have not been able to feel anything, just like how I felt no emotion in many of the scenes in Attack on Titan that really needed it.

However, because they kept important events from the magna, I feel like giving them another good round of applause, as it makes me even happier that I stuck with this series beyond what Crunchyroll showed in their special screening.

Hopefully, the staff at Wit can continue delivering things like this and only cut out the most necessary moments, because if they do end up cutting out something important, this series would turn into another Detective Conan, where there are things answered only in the original manga, which would probably mean that FUNimation or whoever gets the distribution rights where I live would possibly create more plot holes by trying to fix a plot hole.

The thing that I liked the most though was how this episode ended.

While it was not as amazing as the kind of cliffhanger ending found in the last episode, it did not feel like it was as unneeded as the ending of episode 3.

Back in episode 3, after Nevin passed away, Chisel and Ainsworth were leaving, as Chisel was starting to find happiness in her life, though still not enough to have a reason to continue living, and, suddenly, she collapses like something happened.

Even though such an event does make sense, as everyone would be greatly fatigued after doing something major or using too much energy, just like how it was finally made crystal clear here that Chise would die unless she learned to control her magic, ending things like that made evening feel unsatisfying and suggested that things were not over yet, even though they were.

Here, however, the ending really felt like this part of Chise and Ainsworth's adventure finally came to an end.

If the staff at Wit Studio had ended this episode the same way as they ended the third episode, I would have been mad, even if it made a little sense, due to Chise starting to get a lesson on how to control her magic, because it would have given an impression that it should not have, though that feeling would not have been as strong as it was in episode 3.

Fortunately, they did not do that, and it makes me feel excited to see where things will be going next, as well as want to continue seeing how Chise will grow over the course of the series.

This is how I things like this should end, and the staff at Wit Studio have finally learned their lesson about how to end things properly.

Hopefully, the staff at Wit Studio will keep on ending their episodes this well, because I want to see this become a series that truly can be called the best anime of the year, though, with a run of 24 episodes, this series will not end until next year, which is when volume 8 will arrive where I live, according to the product page on Amazon.

Outside of those things, I cannot think of anything else that I particularly liked, at least that could stand out on its own and/or not spoil things too much.

Because this episode was able to quickly capture my attention and hold it until the end, by starting off where the last episode ended, I was able to feel the emotion of some scenes because of the flashback included, and this episode did not end with anything the audience did not need to see, this was a fairly decent episode.

Chise looking at scenery after finishing her work.

Although I liked the episode, there are some issues.

However, aside from things are too minor to talk about, nothing really seemed to bother me too much.

As a result, I will have to say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that there was quite a bit to like, especially with how this episode did not end with any seemingly unnecessary cliffhangers, this was definitely worth watching.

I mainly recommend this to fans of The Ancient Magus Bride, as they will enjoy this the most.

As for everyone else, this might be worth giving a try, but it might be best to watch the previous episode first, as this one starts off right where that one ends.

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