Anime Review: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Episode 2

Well, this post is certainly a little late, but it is luckily still within the estimated time I give. I was busy creating a new Ubuntu LiveDVD, as Lucid seems to be a bit more stable now than when it was originally released. I tend to rely on linux a lot, when I troubleshoot computers. However, this is not what today’s topic is all about. I told you guys that I would make posts on watch I was currently watching, so here is my take on The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 2.


Dalian and Huey get involved in another situation which revolves around the Phantom Books. The person that they are dealing with has rumors roaming around about the said person not being able to leave the place that they reside, due to a Phantom Book. According to the rumor, everybody who has tried to take the person away died. However, Dalian says that Phantom Books do not have the power to keep people in certain places. Now, Huey and Dalian must figure out what is actually going on with the individual.

The show seemed to get a bit more interesting, but I still find it a pretty generic anime. I really liked how one weakness of a Phantom Book was revealed. Of course, it was obvious that Dalian would be aware of such things, as she is the guardian of Dantalian, as mentioned in the previous post about this show. It was also a bit interesting to have the client be part of a bloodline of killers and turn out to be the killer, but it is not something that has not been done before. The first such instance that comes to mind is Detective Conan: The Phantom of Baker Street, which features a descendent of Jack the Ripper. The show still seems generic, but it does implement some interesting things.


I cannot say that there is really a whole that I dislike about the show. However, it should be pointed out that rarely descendants of murderers will become a killer themselves. The occurrences are so small that there is not any data that would lead to a direct relationship on a line graph. They state otherwise in this show, but honestly, fiction that is too close to reality is dull. Also, the person seems to be intimate with the person they are dealing with, even though the other person claims that he is her cousin. I could be reading it wrong, but I doubt they are cousins. On the other hand, I have heard that it is not frowned upon in Japan to have a serious relationship between first cousins. The series does not seem to take place in Japan though, from what I can tell. There are things that kind of bother me, but nothing to take down the show, since it still seems pretty generic.

I am still not sure whether or not I want to recommend the show, but it certainly is not as bad as it could be.

What are your opinions? Feel free to comment.

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