Anime Review: Un-Go Episode 6

November 16, 2012


I was going to have a post before this one, which I had prepared already. However, due to distractions, such as playing The Sims 3, I will be delaying it to some time during the coming week. Today, I will be reviewing Un-Go episode 6.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


Somebody has come to get help from Yuki. While he was in a correctional facility, an inmate showed him a book, which contained a slip of paper. The client wants Yuki to find out who placed the paper and why. However, when Yuki inquires the Kaisho household, they claim no ownership of the book. With an obvious lead turning into a dead end, Yuki must now find out the whole truth.


I thought this episode was okay. The case was certainly interesting at some point during the episode. However, I am certainly glad that Igna did not do his usual routine, thus letting the audience reach his or her own conclusions. Of course, I think it also helped that Kaisho did not suddenly pop out of nowhere and give us some data that would have been better left for the audience to dig up on their own. After all, that is what fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction all want. The thrill of finding out the truth before the series protagonist(s) is a great thing. At the same time, as I mentioned in my reviews of the Detective Conan (Case Closed), it is not so great when the obvious ruins things. Because of this, I think that thrill that I spoke of only happens with truly great cases. The obvious here did not ruin things, but instead lead to it becoming interesting, which is definitely a good thing. Since the case did become interesting and the usual stuff that made things hard to follow, I think things have improved, but for now it is only this episode.


Although the case was decent, there were certainly some issues. However, there is only one complaint that comes to my mind. This case appeared to be an open and shut case at the start. While not entirely a bad thing, it does diminish the excitement of a good mystery. I know you guys may be saying that I would say that Detective Conan (Case Closed) does not have this kind of problem, since I keep saying it is better than this show, but there have been cases in that series too that I found dull and even a future case in the manga version appeared to be dull at first. This problem is certainly present in many other detective, mystery, and crime fiction works, but I have not read every single story there is in the crime fiction genre(s) to point to any examples. All I can say is that somebody just starting out a series in the detective, mystery, and/or crime fiction genres certainly would be turned off if this were the kind of case used as an introduction. After all, what would that say about the series if the first case does not hook a person? I doubt I would picked the series up. Then again, I did continue on with this show, even though the first episode of this series was not really that interesting to me. While the case certainly did not have the best start, it did improve a bit and did things right the previous episode did not, which reduces the damage done by the issue.

Considering that things have improved, even if it may be this episode only, this episode is probably the best the series has, so far. I would recommend this episode to fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, but it is not good enough for me to consider recommending the whole series, especially to those that are not acquainted with those genres.

What are your thoughts on Un-Go episode 6? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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