Anime Review: Un-Go Episode 7

November 23, 2012


I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday. I certainly did. However, I have another special day coming up tomorrow. Because of this fact, there is a chance that my review of Inuyasha: The Final Act episode 8 will be delayed. On the other hand, it does not delay today's post. Today, I will be reviewing Un-Go episode 7.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.


After having met the novelist, Yuki is transported to a different world where he works in the film industry instead of a detective. He knows that he must find and solve the mystery, but there does not seem to be one, until he comes across a case where he is the prime suspect.


I thought this episode was going to be better than it was. Almost every episode, Igna and Kaisho seem to be digging up things that Yuki should have spotted himself. Here, Yuki is finally on his own, so we finally see how good he is. Yes, Sherlock had Waston do a lot of the legwork, but he made all the connections. I at least expect that much out of Yuki and he certainly does make the connections in this episode. I also like that because Igna and Kaisho were missing, things were definitely easier to follow. It had most of what fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction want, especially the fact that not much was obvious. The best thing though was the fact that Yuki discovered he was the prime suspect. Now, I have definitely not read every mystery out there, but I do not recall any time where the detective him or herself realized they were the only suspect. Closest thing was the fact that Sherlock was asked to solve a mystery where he and Watson were the culprits and did not want that revealed. Outside of that, I cannot really think of anything else good to say about this. The fact that Yuki realizes that he is the prime suspect and that he is capable of doing what we do not usually see him doing is definitely a nice change.


Although things were improved by removing Igna and Kaisho from the case, there were definitely some issues. There was absolutely no case to be seen until the final minutes into the episode. I do not expect to be immediately put into a case at the start of an episode. After all, Detective Conan (Case Closed) and the Hercule Poirot stories that I have read do not always start immediately on a case, but they sure do not wait until the very end of a book or episode to start a case. In fact, the end of a Detective Conan (Case Closed) manga chapter usually make me want to continue on with the case and culprits are usually revealed before the end of an episode in the anime, which is what I think fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction want. The approach this episode took was the most boring to the point that I thought about literally dropping this, even though I have at most five videos, four episodes and one special, left, if the season pass has the same content as the DVD release. If the cliffhanger is the most interesting, I do not seen how the things present that fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction expect can redeem this episode.

Considering that the end was the most interesting, despite the fact that things have improved in the detective, mystery, and crime fiction aspects, I cannot really say this was worth watching, at least on its own. I recommend fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction to skip this episode, at least until the full case is available. As for everyone else, I cannot really recommend this because most of the episode is dull.

What are your thoughts on Un-Go episode 7? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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