Book Review: A Certain Magical Index Volume 6

June 6, 2016


I hope everyone is doing well, regardless of what the weather might be like.

As some of you know, I recently got some books from Barnes & Noble and decided to take a break from covering my backlog.

So far, out of the two I got, one has been covered and only one remains.

Today, I will be reviewing that remaining title, which is called A Certain Magical Index Volume 6 by Kazuma Kamachi.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

It is now September and Touma and friends are expected to get back into the normal routine of school life.

However, Academy City is once again on high alert when somebody comes in and starts wreaking havoc, and because of IndexÔÇÖs new acquaintance, Touma will get pulled into a matter that might further ruin the relationship between Academy City and the world of magic.

While many know that I am not too fond of A Certain Magical Index, the books have been somewhat better than how the anime handled things, since there were some events I enjoyed more in the books than I did the anime.

Like those particular times, I kind of liked this book.

I really liked how it seemed to get right into things rather quickly.

Back in the earlier novels, such as the first book in the series, things really seemed to drag on and felt dull because of it.

Yes, things did kind of get off to slow start in this book too, but it did not really beat around the bush as much as the first book did.

After all, does anybody really want to waste their time reading hundreds of pages before a story gets interesting?
Seeing as how bad the first two books of this series were, this shows me that Kazuma Kamachi has really improved, which is a good sign.

If more books were like this, reading would be much more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, many books out there, especially those considered classics, can never do this.

I also liked how ToumaÔÇÖs preaching resonated with me in this book.

When I watched the anime, I never really felt anything every time Touma chastised somebody. It always felt like was looking down on them for no apparent reason, thinking that he knew what was going through his opponentÔÇÖs head.

Here, however, I got to see ToumaÔÇÖs thought process throughout the entire time, whether that be recollecting what has been said before or paying attention what is happening and has happened.

Because of this, I could actually understand how Touma had reached his conclusions, almost like I could with the Railgun portion of the Raildex universe, and I feel like giving Kazuma Kamachi quite a bit of praise for a job well done.

I also liked how Index, probably the most annoying character in the series for some, was shown to be capable of fending for herself.

Now, she should obviously have some skill, since she was on the run from sorcerers during the beginning portion of the series, but she has pretty much been a damsel in distress for a majority of the books that she was prominent in, such as the second book, first book, and fifth book, to the point where I just could believe that she could be so useless, outside of being the equivalent of an encyclopedia.

I was really beginning to think that this was kind of stupid that Index could not fight with all of the knowledge that she had.

This makes a lot more sense with knowing her background, and I applaud Kazuma for not having such a useless character, though I would honestly prefer seeing Kuroko or Misaka fighting more often, as their fights tend to be awesome.

The thing that interested me the most though was that the Level 6 Shift Project ended up being unimportant in AleisterÔÇÖs plans.

While there may be a few more interesting arcs in the Magical Index series than in the Railgun series, at least from what I have read from comments made by those who like A Certain Magical Index more than Railgun, I wonder what Aleister has planned in the long run and if Misaka might get involved again with the matter.

On the other hand, even if she did get involved, I do not really see Mikoto Misaka get too much development because she seemed to learn the most from her troubles in the Sisters arc, since she was more willing to accept and ask for help in RailgunÔÇÖs Daihasei Festival arc.

Still, Aleister does seem to have something up his sleeve that may affect what happens in both portions of the Raildex universe.

Outside of that, I cannot really think of anything else that I particularly liked, at least without repeating myself.
The fact that the book did not feel like it dragged on too much, like its earliest predecessors did , and that Aleister seems to have some kind of plan in the works, as well as the fact that Index was more useful than an encyclopedia this time, made this book fairly enjoyable.

Although I did like the book, there are some issues.

However, aside from issues too minor to talk about, such as possible typos, nothing really seemed to bother me too bad.

As a result, I will have to say that there was nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that there was more to like than hate, this was definitely worth reading.

I recommend this only to fans of A Certain Magical Index, because they are going to be the only ones that will be able to fully enjoy this book.

As for everyone else, it is good enough to give it a try, but as things go on, knowledge of prior events is going to become a bit more necessary to enjoy it, such as when one gets to the Tree Diagram Remnant arc, which requires knowledge of what occurred in RailgunÔÇÖs Sisters arc.

What are your thoughts on A Certain Magical Index Volume 6? Did you like it or hate it? Were there things that you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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