Book Review: Another Volume 1


Last year, when this site first got its domain name, I was covering a series that was being simulcasted at the time and ended up liking it enough to check out its original source.

When I was looking around at the series, I found out that the original source had been officially licensed and purchased the book from Barnes & Noble. Today, I will be reviewing that book, which is called Another Volume 1 by Yukito Ayatsuji.

Koichi Sakakibara is about to start life at a new school in a place called Yomiyama.

However, when he is finally able to start attending, after having been hospitalized, there is something strange going on where at least one person every month.

As nobody is willing to him what is going on, it up to Koichi to discover exactly what is being hidden from him and how to stop this mysterious string of incidents.

While I did like anime adaptation of Another, I think I enjoyed this book much more. Yomiyama, as well as the school, gave off the same eeriness as it did in the anime, which would certainly be pleasing to horror fans, as well as those that enjoyed the anime version. I also liked how I could I draw everything presented here. Unlike most of the novels that come from Japan, at least those I have encountered, there were absolutely pictures present, which left everything up to the imagination. In a way, I think that is kind of nice, since we get to come up with our own interpretations via the detail presented, thus improving our imaginations somewhat. Of course, if somebody wants to visualize the character designs from the manga or the anime, that is fine too. After all, I will kind of admit that I was imagining the characters in my head as they appeared in the anime. Speaking of the anime, even though I had seen it, the same questions and suspicions I had during the course of the events of the first six episodes of the manga, which this book contains, with some differences, cropped up once again. I was questioning whether not Mei Misaki was alive and if the Misaki in the hospital was definitely her. Because of this fact, I really think that this is definitely being handled well. The fact that I got same feeling of eeriness and the same questions and suspicions I had during the anime, even though I knew the answer, cropped up again, as well as the fact that things were left to the imagination, unlike the light novels that most people in anime and manga community are familiar with, makes this a very nice book.

Although I liked the book, there are certainly some issues. However, as I cannot really think of that bugged me, I will have to say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that nothing majorly wrong came to my mind and the things I liked, this was definitely worth reading. I recommend to fans of mystery and horror, as well as fans of the Another anime, because the of the eeriness and the fact that questions that I got from the anime cropped up in here too. As for everyone else, this may be worth giving a shot.

What are your thoughts on Another Volume 1? Do you agree that the novel was better than the anime or do you disagree? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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