Book Review: Bloody Monday Volume 11

August 26, 2013


As I stated in my review of Cage of Eden Volume 11, I recently got four books. So far, one has been covered and only three remain. Today I will be reviewing one of those titles, which is called Bloody Monday Volume 11 by Ryou Ryumon.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

The clock has begun ticking, as the terrorists have taken Hakura and give Fujimaru an ultimatum.

However, with a bomb that may go off at any moment, Fujimaru decides to continue on fighting, in order to make sure that the terrorist attack does not succeed.

I am not too sure about this one. My interest was certainly held until the very end. With how quickly things have been moving along, I would have been a lot more dissatisfied with the volume than I am right now, especially since it is the final volume of the first season. I also liked how Fujimaru reacted when he found out that one of his friends was part of the terrorists. Seeing as the audience was the only one that knew the identity of K, other than the terrorists and their allies, like Maya and Hornet, Fujimaru's reaction was pretty believable. After all, I doubt that anybody would be able to calmly accept the revelation that one of his or her friends are responsible for a large-scale attack. We like to think that those we acquaint ourselves with can trusted, but if we do not doubt people, we will never learn the truth. Like Fujimaru, I probably would have had some kind of nightmare if one of my friends turned out to be evil, even if I were to suspect something before they were about to commit an evil act. One thing that I found funny was that when Third-I figured out what the Russians were planning to do, Kirishima asked Minister Kujo to hold negotiations with them. It is funny because Minister Kujo, like K, is a terrorist leader. Then again, K's group does not have the same goals as Kujo's. I know I said I was not planning on spoiling some things until the other seasons came out, but since an employee at Kodansha, who deals with editorial, production, and marketing, told me when I asked that the other two season most likely will not come out, I guess I cannot really hide who the other terrorist leader that I mentioned in the previous volume was. Seeing that K's plans conflict with Kujo's, I guess that he would try to negotiate with Russia. Outside of that, I cannot really think of anthing else that I particularly like. The fact that Fujimaru shocked about the truth and the book held my interest until the end does make this somewhat decent.

Although there were things that I liked, there are certainly issues. First, I was not really surprised about what had happened in the end. In the previous volume, we were introduced to a new character called Judas, and when we reached the final chapters of the first season, he betrayed K just as expected. In each of the three seasons, the terrorist groups have some kind of theme for codenames, much like Black Org in Detective Conan uses the names of alcoholic beverages as codenames. In this season, the codename Judas made it obvious that he was going to do what he did. While it could be because of my religious upbringing, most people should know about the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus and how Judas sold him out. Because of that fact, I do not see how this kind of ending would surprise anyone. After all, K's group uses biblical names for aliases. Another thing that I did not like was how stupid Falcon seemed to be. In the final moments, Fujimaru seems to have become frustrated about dealing with the bomb, he forgets something that learned about earlier in the volume and J calls him and mentions a failsafe on the bomb. As Fujimaru is supposed to be a genius hacker, I would expect him to remember details he got from the stuff that Hornet had. If he is just going forget, the battle with Hornet just seems pointless now. Yes, humans do forget things and sometimes need others to remind them, but he forgot only three chapters after he found out that there was a failsafe. That is not a good thing to have in a final volume. The fact that somebody would betray K was obvious and that Fujimaru forgot something he learned three chapters ago ruined an otherwise decent end to the first season of Bloody Monday.

Despite the fact that the book did hold my attention and that Fujimaru's reaction to Anko being K was believable, the negative outweigh it enough that the only reason to read this is to find out how things end. I only recommend this to fans of Bloody Monday.

What are your thoughts on Bloody Monday Volume 11? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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