Book Review: Case Closed Volume 33

August 21, 2012


Well, it looks like things have been running fine, so I guess the issue I had was only temporary. Anyway, I as I said last post, I received four new books from Barnes & Noble recently. Since I have covered one, only three remain. Today, I will be reviewing another one of those books, which is called Case Closed Volume 33 by Gosho Aoyama.

As I gave a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Sato has taken up Santos' bet to marry him, if Takagi does not come get her. However, Takagi is still caught up in the case involving the witnesses that cannot agree on the appearance of a robber. Now, Takagi must not only find the robber but also get to Sato before time is up. Later, Jimmy, Richard, and Rachel go on a little trip to make chocolates for Valentine's Day at a lodge that got a lot of publicity for bring couples together, but things do not remain as peaceful as they seem. One of the lodge guests goes missing and turns up dead. Everyone suspects somebody that matches the description of Akai, but Jimmy has other ideas. Afterwards, Somebody comes to Richard's office seeking help finding a watch. When finding out that is still in house, Richard declines, but Jimmy and the Junior Detective League takes the job instead. However, Jimmy suspects that the client is up to something by using them as his alibi. Upon finding a body, after hearing some noises, Jimmy's suspicions have come true. Now, Jimmy must prove his suspicions correct before the police are sent on a wild goose chase. Finally, Jodie asks Rachel and Serena if the noticed somebody watching or following them. While discussing the matter, there is a blackout and somebody is found dead and a dying message of OX∆. With 31 of the 58 suspects remaining, Jimmy must find out who killed the man by deciphering the message.

I really liked this volume. It seems pretty evident to me that Sato has feeling for Takagi, even though neither has confessed to the other. Of course, Sato seems like that girl in school everyone in infatuated with. However, instead of students chasing after her, it is the men in the MPD, which really makes things funny. I would not say it is as funny as things were present here. In the previous volume, Sato's mother unknowingly arranged an omiai with somebody who knew Sato well. What made it funny though was that although Santos was concerned about her and even knew she did not have feelings for him, Santos ended up crying. I guess that he is part of what I will call the Sato fan club. As for the Valentine's case, I was definitely surprised by who the culprit turned out to be. I had three suspects in my mind, but none of them turned out to be the killer. All I can say is that many in the cases in Detective Conan (Case Closed) there are a lot of cases where somebody is framed by false evidence and it turns out to be wrong. Of course, it is hard not to get in the mind set that such is not always the case, considering how often it happens in the series. At same time, even though none of the people I suspected were the true culprit, I was right about two of them being suspicious. Another surprising thing about the case was that I also thought Akai was in the area, but that turned out to be wrong too. That goes to show how I am wrong in some areas. Then again, I do not think I ever claimed to know everything on this blog. As for the case involving the missing watch, only one thing struck me as interesting and enjoyable. Haibara noticed that Rachel was depressed because of the chocolate and suspected Jimmy would cheer her up somehow. Not only was she right about Jimmy doing something, but Rachel's depression as well. I suspected something when Rachel did not write a message on her chocolate for Jimmy, as well as her thoughts when going back home. Of course, Haibara knowing that from the chocolates is not so surprising. After all, she was the one of the first who realized that Jimmy was actually alive, since she said that she investigated his home sometime after Gin and Vodka gave him APTX 4869 back when Jimmy and Haibara first met. I can certainly say that what she said is true that the art can reveal a person's emotions, but it is not exclusive to paintings and drawings. I have read numerous things over the course of my life, including a bit of poetry, and I have been able to detect emotions that the creator have been feeling at the time they wrote it. After all, no matter hard one tries to hide it, they can never hide emotions from the works they create. They may not have those emotions anymore, but they had to have felt them when creating that particular piece. I cannot say much about the the final case though, since it continues in the next volume, which like volume 31, I suspect went out-of-print, but Jodie was so funny. When she saw the code, she told Meguire and his men that she saw those symbols on a game controller. Yes, they are on game controllers, but that I can definitely tell has nothing to do with the case. What made it even funnier is that Meguire thought it was related to the case. Then again, I am not sure that Meguire knows Jodie is a video game geek. The most interesting thing was the possibly of somebody spying on Richard. It really did suggest that something was involved, but I am not too sure if that is answered before volume 42. The funny parts and even the possibility of somebody going after Richard sure do keep my attention in this volume.

Although I liked the volume, there were things that I did not like. The situation involving Santos and Sato was not as interesting as the robber case that happened in the same time frame. I think focusing on the investigation instead could have better spent the time. However, Jimmy would not be speaking with him over the phone and things would not have been resolved so quickly. Other than that, I cannot really think of anything else. Although the Santos and Sato situation annoyed me, I cannot really say it affected the quality of the volume negatively.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed Volume 33? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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