Book Review: Case Closed Volume 41

September 7, 2012


Well, this is certainly an accomplishment. As I said last post, I recently received three books from Barnes & Noble. However, this is not the big accomplishment, since I do not brag about the overall number of books in my collection. After all, you all would probably hate my guts if I did.

Starting back in July, now my second most active month of all-time, I picked back up a series I had dropped, not just because of recent cases getting so dull. Since then, as well as after I finished reviewing the six movies that have dubbed in the US, I have been churning out tons of posts on the series, both the anime and manga versions, which may have annoyed some people. On the other hand, unlike the three other series that I have been reviewing here, there was a huge gap that needed to be filled. The gap resulted in a difference of sixteen volumes, three of which have become hard-to-find.

Eventually, I got to where I am now, with only three volumes missing. Today, I will be reviewing one of the two books that got me to this point, which is called Case Closed Volume 41 by Gosho Aoyama.

As I have given a series synopsis in my review for the next volume, I will not go over it again.

With Vivian now at the scene, Jimmy, Rachel, and Eva continue looking into the matter of the case Richard had thought was going to be simple. However, before anyone can receive new information, beyond the evidence the client says she has, the person ends up dead in front of their eyes. The police suspect it was outsider but Jimmy and the gang think otherwise and narrow the suspects to four people. Now, the case must be solved so that not only would Richard be out of debt but also the culprit cannot get away with what seems to essentially be the perfect crime. Later, Vivian takes Jimmy and the Junior Detective League to see a movie before it debuts even for advanced screening at movie theaters. When the screening gets delayed, Vivian has the kids stay at the apartment of one of the people working on the new movie, since she has to head back home. However, instead of a peaceful naptime, Jimmy and the gang find a corpse in the apartment. The culprit seems obvious but he keeps pleading innocence and states two others were capable of the cime. If that was not enough, Haibara notices somebody outside that gives her the creeps. Now, Jimmy must not only contend with a murder case, but also the possibility that Black Org is now spying on them. Afterwards, Haibara falls ill and Jimmy and Dr. Agasa decide to take her to a doctor. Because many of the clinics appear to be closed, they decide to go to one in the department store, since that would also help get food in Haibara's system. However, after having left Haibara in the car, Jimmy suspects that Black Org has found them, due to morning television, they find one of the people they met earlier dead and his three companions are all suspects. Now, for Haibara's sake, as well as his own, Jimmy must solve the case before Black Org can find them. Finally, even though Haibara is still sick, Dr. Agasa and Jimmy decide to take her to look into a lead that Agasa got from asking about Haibara's father, Atsushi Miyano. However, when they think that they have struck gold, the person is found dead and his employees are the prime suspects. Haibara also thinks that the main lead is gone, but since Jimmy does not think so, he must now reveal the culprit behind the murder and find the lead that they wanted to get.

Am I dreaming? Please tell me I am. No, I am not saying this because the series is awful. After all, I have not come across many volumes that I particularly hated. Besides, I enjoyed this volume. What I mean is that Black Org related cases do not tend to show up a whole lot. For example, even though Gin & Vodka showed up one and three volumes after their first appearance, which are the manga counterparts of anime episodes 5 and 13 (both according to Japanese episode count) respectively, no case related in some way to Black Org appears until volume 12. After that, no more appear until after Haibara is introduced, which is when the manga counterpart of first Osaka case takes place too. I guess it is because of they fact that they happen so infrequently that they seem to be so interesting, as well as the fact that they tend to have so much excitement and being well-done. On the other hand, after only having made contact with and tricking Vodka in volumes 37 and 38, we are treated to yet even more things dealing with Black Org. At the same time, this is to be expected since the next volume has the second head-to-head confrontation with Black Org. Considering that Jodie's allegiance has not been reveal at this point yet, it sure does make her a likely candidate to be Vermouth, which is nice for those that having not been following Detective Conan. It certainly made me suspicious of Jodie, even though I already knew whom Vermouth was. When taking the fact that the next volume features a Black Org case, I can definitely say that things have certainly played out well. The cases themselves were quite interesting. In Richard's supposedly simple case, almost nothing was obvious, except for it being an inside job. However, it was funny when everything went from just a case about finding the person threatening the client's husband to a bit of focus on who Richard thought was better looking in high school. Even though I cannot say the culprit was too surprising, the deduction was quite funny. Jimmy told Vivian to keep things calm and not do her Baroness thing that she did in the New York case but she did it anyway. The main thing that really made this interesting though was that the victim did not die at the exact time the cast, and likewise the audience would have, thought. As for the apartment murder case, I thought that this was an open and shut case, but it truly misled me. I thought that the obvious suspect was just trying to delay the inevitable. If it had gone that way though, I probably would have labeled this case as being as bad as anime episode 6. On the other hand, since that is not what happened, I can certainly say that this was an interesting case. In fact, the way the culprit was able to move through the dark was also quite interesting. The funniest parts involved Jimmy, Vivian, and Haibara though. First, it seems that Haibara has got Jimmy's number pegged. Even though this is her first time meeting Vivian, since I cannot find anything to suggest that they met before this case took place, she immediately saw the similarities between her and Jimmy and stated that he got the attention seeking part of his personality from his mother. It was also quite funny how Amy kept calling Vivian Jimmy's mother and he kept trying to deny it. Of course, that pales into comparison of two other scenes, one of which leads into the other. Vivian tells Jimmy that a girl will look at a boy for two reasons, which are that either something is on the boy's face or she has strong feelings for him. I am not too sure how accurate that is, but it certainly funny and one of the first that suggests that Haibara may be rival to Rachel. As for the department store murder case, the most intriguing part was the trick used by the killer and it was not so obvious on surveillance footages, which made the case interesting, but the fact that Jimmy was working about Black Org certainly raised the tension here. As for the design studio murder case, now that I read the beginning of it, even though the case just seems okay, the fact that it has multiple things related to Black Org just makes this seem so interesting. I cannot really say much else about the case, but since my review of volume 42 was good overall, this case seems pretty good. The possibility of Black Org appearing in this volume really put me on the edge of my seat, but it was not unexpected since I already read the next volume. Nonetheless, that makes this volume look pretty good.

Although I liked the volume, there were certainly issues. Fortunately, they are not issues the likes of which are of notice in Bloody Monday Volume 6, Negima! Volume 34, and Bloody Monday Volume 3. In fact, there was only one thing I had an issue with. In the first case, somebody claims that the victim was shot, when they were viewing surveillance footage, but obviously the victim was not shot. Normally, when people die from gunshots, either blood will be found at the scene, as well on surveillance, or there would be holes in the victim's body, where the bullet entered, in the event that the bullet does not make an exit wound. However, of the security footage, there is no blood and no holes are visible. Honestly, if Jimmy is supposed to have a keen eye for detail, he should have noticed this. Then again, since Jimmy is kind of based on Sherlock, that is a bit understandable since even Holmes did not notice as much as his brother, and likewise in this case, Booker noticed things that Jimmy did not, but being that this fact was obvious, that kind of knocks Jimmy down a rung or two. On the other hand, compared to the excitement present in this volume, I can easily put this down to a minor issue. Considering that the only real issue I had was a minor one, I cannot really say that is affected the quality of this volume.

Despite the fact that a victim was claimed to have been shot when no blood or bullet holes were no on the security footage, the excitement and the fact that the stage is set for the events of the next volume certainly made reading this volume worth my time. I recommend this to fans of Detective Conan (Case Closed). As for fans of detective, mystery, and crime fiction, I would still recommend this, even though Jimmy overlooked the obvious in one case. As for everyone else, I think this is a good introduction to the series, as well as the detective, mystery, and crime genres.

What are your thoughts on Case Closed Volume 41? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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