Book Review: D.N.Angel Volume 2


As I mentioned in my previous review, I found that that two titles that I had been following before Tokyopop disappeared, which was before I got this domain name, were rescued by Viz and I decided to give one of those series another chance by getting eight of the volumes.

So far, one of the volume have been covered and only seven remain.

Today, I will be reviewing another title from that series, which is called D.N.Angel Volume 2 by Yukiru Sugisaki.

As I have given a series synopsis in the review for the previous volume, I will not go over it again.

After an incident during a winter hike, Daisuke’s feelings have changed and Dark calls him his rival, but Daisuke is not the only one having troubles with recently discovered feelings.

However, girl troubles are not all Daisuke has to worry about, when Satoshi confronts Daisuke about the details of a bet that Dark made with him during the last heist.

I somewhat liked this volume. I liked how the dynamic between Riku and Daisuke changed. While one side does not really make much sense, Riku’s change of heart of kind of does. For much of the series so far, at least what little there is with only two volumes, Riku has pretty much shown signs that she had given up on Daisuke, because he had feelings for her sister, but because he had done some things for her. This make sense because people do tend to develop feelings for another person over time, especially when they do nice things for each other. Not only did it kind of make sense, but it also ended up creating some funny scenes later on, such as when her Sister, Risa, whom Daisuke has a crush on, asks her about her feelings about Daisuke. Another thing that I liked was that Risa herself learned about relationships and peoples’ feelings towards each other. After she asked Daisuke to try her cooking, so that she can improve, she asks Daisuke go out with her so that she can try to meet Dark, and realizing that it was only about Dark, Daisuke says that he cannot think of her as just a friend, making her think that he hates her. However, when she meets Dark and asks him out and he thinks it is just as friends, he realizes what Daisuke really meant by his words, though we knew all along what he was going to say. This is why it is important to listen to everything a person says. After all, by not letting the other person finish what they were saying, we will not understand things better. Then again, this is much easier to do with writing than it is by talking with the person face to face, though their expressions do help in deciphering what the person actually means. The things that I think I liked the most were the funny scenes. Unfortunately, aside from the one that I already mentioned, nothing really stood out to me. The fact that Risa discovers how Daisuke really feels about her by being put in his shoes and that Riku’s change of heart makes some sense, as well as the fact that her change of heart led to the funniest scene in the volume, made this volume decent.

Although there were things that I liked bout the volume, there are some issues. However, aside from the usual problem of text being cut off, there is only one thing that bugged me. Daisuke starting to fall in love with Riku, as evidenced by the fact that he did change into Dark when he was with Risa in the first chapter, as well as the fact that the first volume says that he changes because of strong feelings for somebody, just was not that believable. Things may not be paced too horribly, considering that there are only 73 chapters, which are spread out across 15 volumes, according to Baka Updates Manga, but that does not really change how I feel about how he suddenly became interested in Riku. If I had to say, it is because it is happening to soon, especially since there are only three chapters published in each volume, though looking around there are some places that say that there are volumes with more than three, which would make sense because 73 mod 3 obviously does not equal zero. After all, Riku and Daisuke have hardly done anything outside of school and/or school activities, whereas he has went out somewhere with Risa at least once, even if it was because she wanted Dark more than Daisuke. The same thing could probably be said about Riku, but there are at least little hints from the beginning that she does has some feelings for Daisuke and we even get to see her memories what Daisuke has done. I think that things could have been improved in this department if Daisuke and Riku had spent some time together outside of school. In fact, I think that the change of heart that the two experience was much more believable in the anime because it did not just suddenly happen like it did here. In the anime, Daisuke and Riku did more together, such as having a barbeque and going to look for Wiz together, in addition to the incident that happens here, though it happened in summer, not winter, and Daisuke’s class was on an island, not some mountains nearby, which is something that I can only assume because we never really see how they got to the mountains. By having a change of heart being experienced by Daisuke in the first chapter, just ruins the relationship between Daisuke and Riku for me, even if he himself questions it during the hike. While there was only one thing that annoyed me, it was enough to diminish my enjoyment of this volume quite a bit.

Despite the fact that there were some nice things about the book, the fact that Daisuke seemed to start having feelings for Riku too soon made this only good enough to kill time. I only recommend this to fans of D.N.Angel, as they would like it the most, especially since this is beginning of Daisuke and Riku’s interest in each other. As for everyone else, it might be worth giving a try, but your time would be wasted if you did not enjoy the previous volume.

What are your thoughts on D.N.Angel Volume 2? Were you disappointed with small portion like I was or were you disappointed in the whole thing or did you enjoy it all? Is there something that I did not mention that you liked or hated? Feel free to comment.

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