Book Review: D.N.Angel Volume 4


Well, it looks like things are still going pretty well.

As I mentioned a few times before, I had gotten eight books to see how a series was being handled after Viz rescued it.

So far, three have been covered and five remain.

Today, I will be reviewing another one of those titles, which is called D.N.Angel Volume 4 by Yukiru Sugisaki.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Daisuke has been as busy ever with the heists that he and Dark have to do, especially while on a trip.

However, after a recent heist, Daisuke and Dark feel like they are being followed, and Satoshi seems to also have secret that nobody knows about.

I am not too sure about this volume. I did kind of like to see the insight about the past of Emiko, Daisuke’s mother, though it seems kind of pointless, as I will discuss later on. While it is not really an important thing to know in the story, it did lead into some of the funniest scenes in the volume, such as Emiko telling every guy that asked her out that she wanted them to give her a boy, which does make this volume seem to be somewhat good. I also liked how Dark’s heist did not go as smoothly as they usually do. While I admit that Dark’s heist have not been a favorite of mine, the heists in this series have just been dull for quite some time now. After all, there is nothing that seems to really grab me in his heist like the heists perpetrated by Kaito Kuroba from Magic Kaito and Detective Conan, because the reader does not really know who Kaito is disguised as in his heists until after the item was stolen. However, now that there has been a degree of difficulty added in, things have become a bit more interesting. The thing that I liked the most though was that there were no instances of words being cut off anywhere. Even though I want to give praise to Viz for listening to me, I cannot because I had got this volume and the same time as the other seven volumes, so I can only guess that other people complained when Viz released this and started using the full sized image of each page. Still, I am glad that it does not appear that they just took the Tokyopop volumes and scan the pages in for the digital release. The fact that Dark has finally had some difficulty with heists and Viz seems to finally be formatting these digital releases properly, as well as the fact that a character’s past does lead to some funny scenes, made this volume somewhat good.

Although there were some things that I liked, there are some issues. Fortunately, only two things really bugged me. First, absolutely nothing seemed to have happened. If anyone were to ask me what exactly happened, the only things of note are that some things happen in Daisuke and Riku’s relationship and an entity similar to Dark appeared. Now, I should probably be used to things not happening, due to the fact that I follow series like Detective Conan, where developments take a lot of time to occur, but there are at least some interesting things that happen throughout Detective Conan, no matter where the current case is important or not, whereas here the series is nearly a third of the way through, seeing that this series ends at volume 15, as I mentioned in my review of the second volume of this series. This really does not make things look good because at four volumes, we should already start seeing things to happen. At most, I think that series should only take two volumes to get things going, not waste time, especially when at or nearing a third of the way through the whole story. The thing that bugged me the most though was going through Emiko’s past. While I did like the funny things that occurred because of it, it just seemed really useless. Honestly, we should not be finding out about things that happened in the past unless there is some relevance to the story. In series like Pandora Hearts, when we have questions like how Glen Baskerville knew Oz and hints that he might be the true B-Rabbit, those questions are eventually answered with flashbacks answering those questions. However, this did not really seem important at all, outside of the fact that Daisuke would not have been born. Really, I think that there should have been something that made Emiko’s past important to the story before we found out about these events. Then again, the whole chapter was kind of pointless as well, so there was really nothing redeeming about it. I just wish this were more like the Pandora Hearts omakes instead of a bonus chapter. While there was not a whole lot wrong, The fact that nothing really happened in the volume, when it was near the third of the way mark, and the fact that Emiko’s past felt rather pointless, not help by the fact that it was just a bonus chapter, made this a very disappointing volume.

Despite the fact that there was some good present, the negative outweighs it enough to make this a waste of time. I only recommend this to fans of D.N.Angel, because they may like all of the things contained in the volume. As for everyone else, if the first three volumes were not that impressive to you, things just keep getting worse here.

What are your thoughts on D.N.Angel Volume 4? Did you like the volume or did you find it a waste of time like I did? Was there anything that you liked or hated that went unmentioned in this review? Feel free to comment.

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