Book Review: Negima! Volume 36

November 7, 2012


Well, I finally made it back from my vacation this week, though I have not disappeared like I thought I would, since I had troubles accessing other web apps on the server. For that, I think you guys and I are relieved that I did not have to publish posts later than the pub date stated.

Anyway, while I was out-of-town, my pre-order from Barnes & Noble arrived. Because of this, I have four new books. Today, I will be reviewing one of those titles, which is called Negima! Magister Negi Magi Volume 36 by Ken Akumatsu.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

The fight between Negi and Fate rages on, as Fate decides that he is no longer interested in Negi's plan. However, when Negi finally gets Fate to help him with his plan, the people who were supposedly defeated by Fate and Nagi, Negi's father, come to clean up the mess. Now, the only chance Negi and the gang have at saving the world is to awaken Asuna.

I am not too sure about this book. Most of the volume was just as interesting as the previous volumes and things certainly still have that final boss vibe. I also really like seeing Eva come in to help. She has not had a whole lot time to show her power at work, unless one considers the fake that taught Negi Magia Erebea. I do not think I can call myself a fan of Eva, but I will admit that Ken Akumatsu certainly knows how to give her an entrance, though it is somewhat reminiscent of the Kyoto incident. I also liked how we found out more about Fate. For somebody as composed as Fate is, it sure is funny that a girl who is part of the magical world could get him riled up. Our emotions are like that though in real life. We think we can control our emotions, but our emotions get in the way. The funniest part though was the fact that Rakan got out of the dimension he was sent to by Fate. I can certainly see why everyone, especially in the manga, considers him an abnormal being. There were other funny parts too, which is certainly nice. After all, I doubt anyone would enjoy something that is serious all the time. Also, unlike volume 34, the TOC has chapters listed in the correct order and pages that also appear to be right, since none of the page numbers listed comes before an earlier chapter. I can also say, because of reading Pandora Hearts recently, that I prefer Kodonsha's honorific definition list to Yen Press', since Kodansha lists more honorifics than Yen Press, and Kodansha has thankfully not left it out of this volume. I also liked the fact that the preview for the penultimate volume was in English, unlike what happened in Bloody Monday Volume 3. Yes, you heard me right. There are only 38 volumes of this series, which I stated in my review of volume 34. Being that it is only 38 volumes though, most of the volume has been progressing very well. The fact that we learn more about Fate, as well as the fact that Eva had a great entrance and the final boss vibe continues is certainly a plus for this book.

Although the volume seemed great, there certainly are some issues. However, I cannot really think of anything that I can really blame on Kodansha this time around, since most of what they can be blamed for are just minor issues this time around. As such, I only have one complaint. For this being the last volume of the Magical World Arc, this sure did end horribly. Everyone is trying to awaken Asuna, while the members of Al Rubra battle the Lifemaker's forces, which is fine and all. However, when Asuna does awaken, everything is finished in one blow. I know I may not be so innocent of such mistakes in the five books I have written, but I was really expecting a big battle between the awakened Asuna and the Lifemaker. I do not think I am alone in this feeling though, as nothing was said or shown until the last minute that Asuna could beat Lifemaker. Not only that, but Lifemaker seemed to be so weak, since Asuna beat him in one blow. This ruins the whole final boss vibe that was being worked up, but everyone who has read the series as it was released or who has been following me for a while or read my review of volume 34 knows that this is not the last arc. Still, this seemed to ruin what was otherwise a pretty good arc. I know that many of you will either agree or disagree with me on this, but I think this is where Negima! starts to go downhill. Of course, I will not say why, as that that will spoil things, and unlike my reviews of the Detective Conan (Case Closed) manga and anime, I do not think is worth mentioning right now. While the volume seemed mostly good, the fact that the arc ends in a disappointing way makes the series seem to start to go bad and makes the volume one of the worst.

Despite the fact that the volume was mostly good, things just seemed to have started going downhill for the series. I recommend this to fans of Negima!, harem comedy, and Akumatsu. As for everyone else, the whole arc just seems like a total waste of time now, after the build up of the previous volumes, and I recommend skipping this.

What are your thoughts on Negima! Volume 36? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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