Book Review: Pandora Hearts Volume 10


Things seem to be progressing well. In a recent review, I said that I had gotten three new books from Barnes & Noble. So far, two of those books have been covered and only one remains. Today, I will be reviewing that book, which is called Pandora Hearts Volume 10 by Jun Mochizuki.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

Gilbert and Alice are still entrapped in their own illusionary worlds, but Oz has made it out of his illusion, noticing Elliot and Leo approach. However, when all the members of Oz’s party finally regroup, Xai appears before them, in order to retrieve Elliot and Leo, but they refuse to leave. Later, the Baskervilles’ aim is discovered, but not before they can make their move.

I liked this volume. It looks like I was a bit wrong about Vincent. He was not really spying on Pandora for the Baskervilles, but he was not really spying on the Baskervilles either. His true aim was a bit more surprising, but not too surprising, as it is not uncommon. He was intent on using both groups to get what he wanted, which was return of the happy moments he and Gilbert had about 100 years ago. I was also a bit surprised that the boys were living with the Baskervilles. I thought they would have been somewhere else. It was nice though that it finally revealed how Gilbert met Jack. It seemed strange that Jack knew who Gilbert was, but now it is revealed that Jack got Vincent and Gilbert out of the slums. I doubt anybody would leave two lonely kids in the slums though because children lack the knowledge and experience necessary to survive for long. Gilbert also showed that he was a good big brother. I am sure that some people would want to abandon their younger siblings, but as I said in my review of Bleach: Hell Verse, people that make or let children suffer are viewed as the worst of the worst. Gilbert wanted to abandon Vincent but he did not. The most interesting thing though was Gilbert’s encounter with Jack. Jack may be sharing a body with Oz, but Gilbert is the one who constantly finds him and Jack says as much. Obviously, there had to be more between Jack and Gilbert than just getting Gilbert and his brother off the street. It turned out that Gilbert was Jack’s valet. It seems more funny than surprising that he was Jack’s valet. After all, Oz, who looks kind of similar to Jack, also took Gilbert in as a valet. It seemed like it was fate that Gilbert became Oz’s valet, because of this information. I also liked that a bit of how the Tragedy of Sablier started. Apparently, Alice, who is now known as B-Rabbit, told Vincent that Gilbert was to become the next Glen Baskerville. As a result, Vincent found out how to open the door the abyss and many people died. The thing that was most interesting about it though is that it is revealed that Glen Baskerville is a title and not actually a person. Besides, if Glen were a person, there would be no talk of transferring vessels. At the same time, for there to be mention of some kind of vessel, there has to be soul, which means that the entity had to exist. Because of this, I wonder who or what Glen is. Since somebody knew the ritual of to transfer Glen’s soul during the time of Jack, the entity has to be older than Jack and the one he called Glen Baskerville. There was a bit of action, but it was mainly overshadowed by the humor, which does not seem to ruin things much. The fact that we find out that Gilbert was Jack’s valet, as well as the fact that the Glen Baskerville was a title and that Vincent was using both Pandora and the Baskervilles, made this volume rather interesting.

Although I liked the volume, there are some issues. However, since nothing comes to my mind and Yen Press has yet again been consistent in their quality of releases, I will have to say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that, yet again, I have nothing bad worth mentioning, this was worth reading. I recommend this to fans of action and mystery, as well as fans of Pandora Hearts. As for everyone else, this is worth giving a shot.

What are your thoughts on Pandora Hearts Volume 10? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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