Book Review: Pandora Hearts Volume 6


Well, it looks like it did not catch up to where I remembered I last left off. Unfortunately, that is still nowhere near either the Yen Press or the Japanese releases. Anyway, as I said in my previous posts, I recently got three books from Barnes & Noble. So far, I have covered two, with only one remaining. Today, I will be reviewing the last of those books, which is called Pandora Hearts Volume 6 by Jun Mochizuki.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

After dealing with Vincent and getting Sharon back, Break remembers how he lost his eye. Oz also learns about Break’s past a bit. Later, Oscar takes Oz, Gil, and Alice to Lutwidge Academy, where Ada, Oz’s little sister is now a student. However, they are not the only ones that have decided to make the trip. The Baskervilles have also made their move and they want to talk to Jack about the Tragedy of Sablier, even if it means hurting Oz.

This was okay. Even though some of my questions from the previous volume have remained unanswered, things just did not seem to go downhill, which certainly nice because the series is still pretty much in its beginning phase. I found it funny how Oscar was upset about the fact that Ada said that she had fallen in love. It kind of reminded me of Hughes in FMAB, where he pulled out a gun and told the boys not to try anything with his daughter. For some reason, I think that they both overreacted in their situations. Kids just want to play with each other and do not really have the kinds thoughts that teens and adults do, so there was no reason for Hughes to pull out a gun. Likewise, Oscar used the fact that Ada had a crush to go over to Lutwidge. Honestly, a niece or daughter falling in love with somebody is not reason enough to just decide on a whim to go visit her at school. After all, girls can be idiots when it comes to that stuff. In my review of Detective Conan (Case Closed) episode 6, I stated that the person with the feelings should be the one that confesses. Unfortunately, parents do not pound that fact into their daughter’s head and she ends up losing the opportunity to be with the guy she likes, just like a guy will not get the girl he likes if he does not confess to her. Of course, Oscar is not the only one that is overreacting about the fact that Ada has a crush. Apparently, Oz overreacts as well, which creates some funny scenes of Oscar and Oz wanting to kill the guy Ada fell for, even if it is Gilbert. I would not blame them for worrying about Ada, but uncles and elder brothers should not go around causing more trouble than is necessary over their loved ones. I thought it was also funny that both Ada and Oz were hesitant to reunite. Ada was afraid that Oz would not recognize her. Being apart can definitely cause us to forget what people look like, thus not remembering their names. It has certainly happened to me, where people recognize me but I either do not recognize them or cannot remember their name, even though their face is familiar. I am not too sure that too many people that know me in real life are following this blog though, but I hope they that they do not hold that against me because I would have to be some kind of deity to have a perfect memory, since even people with good memories forget things. Oz, on the other hand, is scared because he has not changed one bit. Why must we change so quickly? While we are supposed to become better people throughout the duration of our lives, nobody can expect to change in only a matter of days and years. Changes occur subtly enough that people will still see what remains. Besides, nobody really wants his or her friends or family members to change too quickly. Another nice touch was that Oz realized that his attitude was affecting the people that cared about him the most, such as Gilbert. I cannot really blame him because of how his father treated him, but I do agree with Elliot, one of the students at Lutwidge, that Oz’s indifference about what happens to him is not a good. The B-Rabbit also made an appearance, even though Alice was nowhere near Oz, so it looks Oz could most definitely be the B-Rabbit, which leads me to wonder if he is a chain or an actual human. I also wonder why the Baskervilles are so interested in the Tragedy of Sablier. The fact that it is hinted that Oz might be the B-Rabbit, as well as the fact that he does a bit of growing and the humor was nice thing about this book.

Although the book was interesting, there are certainly some issues. Normally, some questions are answered and new ones arise. Here, however, there are not a whole lot of answers, just a hint as to why Oz can unleash the B-Rabbit’s power without Alice around. Considering that this is still the beginning, I would not expect the biggest things to be answered already, but it is a let down that things just do not get answered, so I will just mark this as a minor issue. The other problem I had was that this seemed a bit too focused on the humor. There was plenty of action within the work, which some people will enjoy. On the other hand, I was not really drawn into it as much as the battles of the previous volumes. Being that action is one of the genres where this title fits, I expect interesting fights and they were hardly to be found here. Of course, unlike Kodansha, where the problems in their releases are mainly their fault, I cannot point to Yen Press for these problems because they lie with Japan, especially since Yen Press has been pretty decent with their quality of releases. Aside from that, I cannot really think of anything else I particularly hated. While the fact that my questions from previous volumes were not answered, the biggest let was that the humor overshadowed the action that I expected from this volume and deals it some bit of damage.

Despite the issues, this was a pretty enjoyable read. I would recommend this to fans of mystery, as well as fans of Pandora Hearts. As for fans of action, I am not too sure that I can recommend this because the action seems to be lacking. As for everyone else, it is worth giving a shot.

What are your thoughts on Pandora Hearts Volume 6? Do you agree or disagree with my views? Do you have anything to add? Feel free to comment.

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