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March 15, 2016


Things seem to be going pretty well here, huh?

As I stated in my last review, I was able to get some books that were difficult for me to find and I was kind of afraid that I would not be able to get them as quickly as I normally would, thanks to what caused me to be stressed out.

Fortunately, I am able to have more time in the day to write and make posts, instead of having to check if a post that should have become public actually had.

Today, I will be reviewing the final volume of a series, which is call Secret Volume 3 by Yoshiki Tonogai.

As I have given a series synopsis in an earlier post, I will not go over it again.

The three killers have now been figured out and questions are still looming about everything that the survivors want to know.

However, things are not what they seem when a few of the survivors find out that they have been played by the person they least suspected.

While I have not been particularly fond of this series, since the first two volumes gave me little, if any reason, to keep going, this volume actually pretty interesting.

I liked how I was misled about the identity and number of killers.

Back in the last two volumes, I had always thought that there were three killers responsible for what had happened during the bus accident, and with the recent events, I thought that Amano was responsible for everything in the bus accident, though I had my suspicions of what Mitomo was up to by instigating an event where the survivors suspected each other.

Here, however, it is revealed that there were really only two killers and that Mitomo, who actually was up to no good, had every intention of turning one of the innocent survivors into a murderer.

I probably should have seen this one coming, but with how awful the handling of the previous two volumes were, I was not really interested in the mystery Yoshiki Tonogai had set up in plain sight.

I also liked how my suspicion confirmed that Mitomo did have a connection with the accident.

Even though I had seen this one coming since the first volume, because all the other perpetrators in the other works from Yoshiki Tonogai that I have read were did what they did because they wanted revenge, I had no idea that Mitomo was related to somebody that pretty much all the survivors knew.

All this time, I was wondering who this Ami was that Mitomo kept talking about, but I could not really put my finger on it because there were not enough details provided until I read this volume.

Still, that does not change the fact that I do not know why the school would hire somebody that had a connection to the accident like Mitomo did, since it is must harder to help resolve the problems of the people seeking counseling.

The thing that I liked the most though was the way this series ended.

In pretty much every work that I read from Yoshiki Tonogai, the ones responsible for everything, not counting Hiroyuki from Judge, as he was killed by his childhood friend and accomplice, got away with what they did, at least from what can be inferred.

Here, however, the one behind everything, except for the bus accident, was killed by the person he was grooming to be the third killer among the survivors.

While I was saddened by the fact that Hiroyuki, who had a pretty decent reason to want revenge, compared to the one responsible for everything in Doubt, was killed off due to an assumption, I was actually happy to see the person responsible, who, like Rei from Doubt, had a terrible reason for seeking revenge, ended up dying.

Honestly, I do not know who would want a person that freely said that he wanted to impregnate his little sister and wanted to kill the person that got her pregnant before he could do so to be able to walk on the Earth for longer than he has.

Unfortunately, there really are people out there that want to do something like this to those that rely on them, so I cannot say that nobody in society would do this, just like not all adults are as smart as they think they are or act as they should.

Outside of those things, I cannot think of anything else that I particularly liked.

The fact that I was misled and that the character with the worst reason for revenge created by Yoshiki Tonogai was killed off made this volume fairly enjoyable.

Although I did like the book, there are some issues.

However, since nothing really bugged me as much as the problems with the previous volumes.

As a result, I will have to say that there is nothing worth mentioning.

Considering that there was quite a bit to like and nothing really to hate, this was definitely worth reading.

I only recommend this to those who enjoyed Yoshiki TonogaiÔÇÖs Secret, as they will like this the most.

As for everyone else, while the volume was the best of the series, it is not enough to redeem this series as a whole.

What are your thoughts on Secret Volume 3? Did you like it or hate it? If you liked it, did you hate the other two thirds of the series like I did? Was tere something you liked or hated that went unmentioned? Feel free to comment.

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