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I am going to keep this simple comment policy simple with only a few words.

All comments are moderated before being published, which may not happen too quickly, and posts are only open for commenting for a limited amount of time.

While I will most likely accept all comments, there are some that will be rejected or take time to scrutinize.

In order to help you, here are things to think about when commenting.

I may not be right about everything and there are definitely issues or there might be moments I express myself in a way that you do not like, but if your comment is more along the lines of I hate you or Your content is garbage than suggesting ways to improve or just voicing disagreement, I will not accept it.
This blog has had problems with spam comments from various places and entities, especially the kind that say the exact same thing every post, regardless of the contents of the post, so if I suspect that your comment sounds like spam, I will reject it and probably take other measures that I have not had to do for a while. A few off-topic comments are no big deal though.

Aside from that, I am not too strict about comments, nor do I claim ownership of the comments you guys make, though I backup comments because they might add value to the posts.

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