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When I started the blog on the Habari platform last year, so those using Blogger and/or Google Reader, as both render URLs the same, could follow me, I discussed an upcoming title written by me. Today's post is just an update on how that title, Dubious Mystery Tour, is coming.

As I gave a synopsis in a post last year, I am not going to discuss it further. I will say though that there have been changes since I provided the link to the rough draft. My main proofreader, who is also a follower of this blog, knows what has been added and deleted. This time, I got a little help from a professional editor, which I appreciate, but could not understand all her comments. She did not recommend too much be removed, which is nice, but I think I am satisfied with having just one proofreader, and my judgements of whether the change suggested is the best or if there is something better.

What is different from what was on WattPad? I don't remember all of them, but the editor did suggest adding what happened before the next day started in a few places, which introduced some new scenes. She also told me to get rid of the mention of slots in the airport, as it was too location specific. Another difference is that there is an epilogue from a different character's perspective. This epilogue is included in the electronic and print editions, but not WattPad. Lastly, my main proofreader was wondering if there is a sequel because I did not mention the name of the group, so to remedy this, I just gave them an alias, instead of a group name.

I think you just spoiled your book. Do we really need to know so much? Compared to the rough draft I linked to the last time I talked about this, I hardly consider this a spoiler. Besides, I only discussed a few changes made, outside of the normal grammar and such that get worked on during the editing/proofreading stage of writing. I can assure you that nothing has been spoiled.

Is this book the start of a series? As my main proofreader asked me this during the editing/proofreading stage and I said in the last post that the group that makes an appearance here also appears in the upcoming titles, I feel like this should be answered. No, this is not a series. In the next story, there are not really any physical appearances, made known at least. However, my plans, as of now, for Dubious Mystery Tour and the other upcoming works is that this timeline does not really have a true continuity, which makes it even more difficult for a series to be done. This is not a series due to timeline setup.

You mention that there is no true continuity in a timeline. What do you mean? I was going to reveal that in the next story, but in case I, myself, forget, when I continue work on the next story, I will discuss it anyway. The timeline plays a bit off of parallel universes, but those are usually separated by a barrier of some kind, even in much of the fiction that uses such a concept already. This one, a person can be both dead and alive. Not a zombie, but actually a living person. The reason is because there is nothing blocking the ability to see the past, present, and future. As I plan to go over this in the next story and I do not want to spoil anything, I will stop there. The world is like many alternate universes without barriers.

Is there anything that you, yourself, are dissatisfied about with this release? Content-wise, it seems pretty good, though there are always those errors that neither I nor my proofreader pick up on. If there is anything I dislike, it is the spine. Usually, I use Lulu's Cover Wizard, but I cannot really find a good template there anymore. If I do move away Lulu, like I set as a goal, back in December, for this year, I will be giving that up. I will give Lulu another chance before I actually do anything though, since Createspace requires an ISBN, no matter what, though they can supply one for free like Smashwords does. Anyway, let us get back to my problem with the spine. Because I could not find a template suitable, I had to create my one-piece cover, which essentially wraps around the contents of the book. This was my first time doing one and I kept having troubles of getting spine content right on the spine, so I just decided to just release it. The spine issue was mainly due to inexperience, but I am rolling out a book with a compilation of blog posts that uses a slightly different approach to creating the spine. Hopefully, it works out, so that my newer designs are even better.

So far, some changes have been made and this book is my first attempt at doing one-piece cover designs. If Dubious Mystery Tour interests you, it can be purchased from the following places:

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