At first, I did not really think I needed an FAQ for this blog, but since I have received at least one question about it in the comments of a post, I thought I would put one up.

This page will mainly be driven by comments, so only important questions will be put up here. If you have any questions concerning the blog (contact info does not count), I encourage you to leave a comment, because that is the only way this page will receive new questions.

  1. What platform does this blog run on?
    This blog used to be run on Habari, but due to lack of updates to the platform, I have been forced to use WordPress.
  2. What theme(s) are you using?
    the RLight theme, which is a child theme of the first theme I made using Habari, and recently ported over to WordPress.
  3. How often do you make new posts?
    I usually do posts when I feel like it or some time around when I get new products. I tend to read fairly quickly, so I usually post a book review every 1-2 days after getting more books until all have been covered, and on the optimistic side of a time scale.

    Anime reviews I currently have on a schedule of every 3-5 days, starting with around the time frame I get the titles, but that is not a concrete estimate, since I have things to tend to and I might finish watching an anime quicker than I planned, so just be patient.

  4. My feed reader is not updating. What happened?
    I was recently forced to migrate to WordPress, and because of that things got kind of messed up, though not as much as things did when I went to flat file.

    I will try to get everything in working order when I can, but you can now get access to the content you like using the means specified over on a page on WordPress’s servers.

  5. I see that you are now asking for people to donate to you. Are you going to start charging for content?
    I started doing reviews on this blog to keep track of what I read and watched, and have mostly got everything with my own money, but the way I get income right now will not always be the same, nor is it completely stable.

    Even though my content will remain free to consume, and I do not charge for review requests, I would appreciate any amount of money that you can regularly donate, so that I do not have to stop because of my possible future financial situation, especially because I have gotten good numbers from my posts of one particular series.

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