Nice Stroll


Not much has been going on since our trip to the San Diego Zoo. After all, it seemed to take a lot out of the group. However, the last member of our group showed up today, during the latter part of the trip.

A few hours after he came, I went on a walk with the said person to the pier, which was next to the place where we were staying. There were certainly a lot of people out there on the pier fishing, probably since there was no fishing license requirement. However, that just plain sounds dull.


The most interesting thing though was that one of the people on the pier catch a crab that looked pretty big. Usually, crabs are caught using cages, which made the occasion a little interesting, but the size was more impressive.

Maybe, one of these days I will go fishing. Unfortunately, I do not think the place has a rod with a button to reel in catches, instead of pulleys, which would have made things a bit easier to use.

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