Anime Review: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Episode 1

Before, I have been only reviewing anime that I have on DVD. The reason for this is because I get better picture quality than if I reviewed something I streamed online. However, in order to help me keep track of what I have watched, I thought I would start reviewing anime that I have streamed. […]

Self Publishers More Savvy than Traditional Publishers?

So, here we are at the end of another month, Like the last month, I will be compiling an eBook later. Whether or not I distribute it though is left up to question. After all, the last one was not distributed. if there is demand, I will do so. However, that is not the focus […]

Beware of Burnout

This week, I was able to pull some posts from the Written Adventure blog. I will post a few, if they have relevance to the topics I cover on this blog. As such, today, I will be reposting, with minor modifications, if any, a post on the subject of burnout. This was originally posted on […]

Book Review: MediaWiki

I know that I have been neglecting book reviews for a while. After all, the books I am reading are numerous and will take a while to complete. In the meantime, I went through my computer’s files and found that I still had a copy of one of the things I posted on Written Adventure, […]


Recently, I came up on an article that brought up something interesting, yet a very widespread belief by some viewers on YouTube. Many people in the writing industry think that by being published means that they are a good writer. I have known otherwise for a while and there are even other blog articles on […]

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