Cover Designs: Photoshop & GIMP Second-rate

Many times, I see people asking for help with their cover designs and such. Some of them make it completely obvious that they are not using the right tools (i.e. Microsoft Word). Some of them go for programs that are more capable (i.e. Photoshop or GIMP), but still not the best. Today’s post, I will […]

Anime Review: Clannad After Story

I have said that I would be discussing anime here on this blog. Today, I am finally fulfilling that. This month, I ordered two anime DVDs. I have been following both series and enjoyed them. The review today is on Clannad After Story. What is the show about? A boy named Tomoya Okazaki and a […]

EPUB vs. Kindle (MOBI)

There has been a bit of discussion over on WattPad about the Kindle and self-publishing. In the discussion one user bring up a question on preferences towards the Kindle store and Smashwords, which has sparked a little interest between preferred eBook formats. Today, I will talk about my preference in the matter of EPUB vs. […]

Book Review: The Necromancer’s Couple

Things were getting late, when I read the piece that is being reviewed today. The title of the work this time is The Necromancer’s Couple by Mortimer Jackson, sequel to The Necromancer’s Great Adventure. You suggested not to read The Necromancer’s Great Adventure. Why are you reviewing this title? I usually give people the benefit […]

Book Review: The Necromancer’s Great Adventure

A while back, but still fairly recently, I was browsing Smashwords for a quick and free read. That is when I came across the title that I will be going over today. The title being reviewed today is The Necromancer’s Great Adventure by Mortimer Jackson. What is it about? Sebastian Grimm is a man who […]

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