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September 27, 2011

Recently, I have decided to drop Facebook for personal social networking. Many changes have occurred and one of those changes recently bugged me. Today, I will be talking about the change that made me give up.

When I originally got into Facebook, it seemed pretty interesting and it did help reconnecting with old friends. It was not quite heaven, but it was close enough and it continued to be that way. If I wanted to share something from somewhere, I could. If I wanted to upload a video, I could do that too. Facebook was actually decent.

Okay, so far, it sounds like the site was great, but why drop it? Recently, Facebook made a change where I could not even link to sites, or YouTube for that matter, on my personal file. Would you really use a social network site or social bookmarking service that did not let you share things you found interesting on the net? I sure would not use them. The only place where that option existed was on my author page, which is the only reason I did not delete my account there. However, I could do it on Tumblr or Google+, which is now my main hub for social networking. Facebook no longer allows me to share my finds with friends.

How do you like Google+? I like it a whole lot. When I was on Facebook, I would not friend anybody I did not know or did not have any mutual friends. However, I am not so timid about that on Google+. The reason for this is because Google+ already came with a feature called circles and I did not even need to friend people to follow them, which Facebook just gave its users the ability to do. If I was interested the person's content, but did not know them, I would label them as following. If I knew the person somewhat, I would label them an acquaintance. Other people would be labeled as either a friend or family member. Circles lets me make posts visible to certain people, much like lists on Facebook. The only difference between the two is that I can specify the group that can see posts before posting, whereas, I had to say certain people could not see the post on Facebook, which also changed recently. Facebook makes me shyer to follow people.

In retrospect, the fact that Facebook no longer allowed sharing of links on personal profiles made me leave the site. My new home is with Google+ and Tumblr, which allow me to share links. Google+ also had features that Facebook, until recently, did not have, like the ability to follow people without sending them a friend request. I do not feel like I miss Facebook all that much.

What is your opinion on the matter? Has a change Facebook made forced your hand to leave the site? Feel free to comment.

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