If you would like me to review something, please make sure it fits the guidelines before asking.


If you are a writer looking for reviews, read over the following, as two of the items are absolutely necessary.

If you are a visitor, and think that you know of something that I would like, whether that be manga, anime, or prose fiction, feel free to contact me, but keep the following in mind.

Not Accepted

Rating Scale

There is not a definite grading scale as in five stars or whatever. I may like a work or I may find it okay or I might hate it. I only recommend things I like or find okay.

I do not like everything I read, but I do try and find some good things to say.

While things do have their negatives, there is a chance that the good can outweigh the bad. Typos tend to be least problematic, unless I cannot understand things.

To get an idea of how things work, look around and check out the reviews I have already done.

Time Scale

I try to review things as soon as I can, but I cannot always get to things that I had intended to do, so please be patient.

I may put reviews into the queue, so when I send out the link, it might not be available immediately.

Other Remarks

If you do not like any of what I have listed here, such as the requirement that things have to be DRM-free, which will include, but is not limited to, many writers that get published traditionally and those publishers, do not even bother asking me to review the work.

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