Self Publishers More Savvy than Traditional Publishers?

So, here we are at the end of another month, Like the last month, I will be compiling an eBook later. Whether or not I distribute it though is left up to question. After all, the last one was not distributed. if there is demand, I will do so. However, that is not the focus of today’s post. If not then what is?

Earlier in the month, I came across this blog post, which claims that self publishers are becoming more savvy than traditional. While, I embrace the self publishing route, I kind of have to disagree with the post. If anything, the average self publisher is not even close.

First, the second paragraph kind of seems to suggest that every self publisher knows the business. Many certainly do, but most do not. In fact, when I started, I knew squat, especially since my main focus was getting my degree in computers. I still do not know everything about it. This is the kind of person that I encounter most often in places like Lulu and others. All I knew was the importance of proofreading/editing and getting proof copies of books. With as many self published stories I have come across, that knowledge is still very much non-existent. Most of the people I encounter, and even I, do not know everything there is about the industry.

The post goes on to talk about others, but the main point I want to discuss next is eBooks. It may have been introduced by self publishers, but like traditional publishers, they do not understand them very well, mainly due to a lack of knowledge about computers. For example, I have across at least one user who did not seem to understand DRM, which I talk about in an earlier post. Like traditional publishers, the average self publisher thinks that this is a godsend in anti-piracy efforts. However, this shows a lack of knowledge. As was stated in that post, pirates tend to get titles from a physical source, such as a print edition, so DRM neither fights, nor discourages piracy. Also, there are many tools online, which I will not reveal any names or sources for, that can crack those DRM schemes. Really, anything can be cracked, but the encryption on eBooks is even weaker than say the encryption to store credit card numbers, which itself takes more time than it is worth to crack. In addition to lack of computer knowledge, many still go into self publishing, not realizing that they need to actively promote their work. Self publishers share the same lack in knowledge as traditional publishers, but also are not completely aware of the marketing aspect.

Now, not all self publishers are as I described, but this what I mainly come across. So, the question is are self publishers really more savvy than traditional publishers or is it just those with vast amounts of computer knowledge and industry know-how?

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