Anime Review: FMAB Part 5

After waiting so long, I finally got my copy of the last episodes of a series that has been an all-time favorite. Today’s post is a review of FMAB Part 5. What is the show about? Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, have committed a grave mistake and paid for it dearly. Edward lost an […]

Anime Review: Last Exile

What a day. I almost did not make a blog post. Fortunately, I did decide to make a post. I have two anime to review right now. Today’s post is on an anime that is not part of the current mainstream called Last Exile. What is the show about? Last Exile is about two orphaned […]

Anime Review: Clannad After Story

I have said that I would be discussing anime here on this blog. Today, I am finally fulfilling that. This month, I ordered two anime DVDs. I have been following both series and enjoyed them. The review today is on Clannad After Story. What is the show about? A boy named Tomoya Okazaki and a […]

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