Book Review: The Necromancer’s Great Adventure

A while back, but still fairly recently, I was browsing Smashwords for a quick and free read. That is when I came across the title that I will be going over today. The title being reviewed today is The Necromancer’s Great Adventure by Mortimer Jackson. What is it about? Sebastian Grimm is a man who […]

Digital Editions Will not read all EPUBs

Recently, I have implemented a new feature, via a plugin, on my wiki, so I can read my notes for CompTIA A+ certification offline. After getting the feature enabled, I exported a bunch of pages and tried to open the file in Adobe Digital Editions. However, things did not work out too well. Why were […]

DRM in Self-Publishing

Many times on Lulu, I see people who are ignorant of the computer world. Many traditional publishers are also ignorant of the computer world. However, this post is not about traditional publishers. This post about the self publishers. One such ignorant piece of thought is DRM. What is DRM and what is its purpose? DRM […]

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