Anime Review: Sword Art Online II

January is nearing its end and things seem to be going well here. Around Christmas time, I got a bunch of DVDs and covered each one that I had gotten, except for one, which was part of a series. Fortunately, the last of the DVDs came recently, which finally allowed me to finishing watching the […]

Book Review: Sword Art Online Volume 1

As I mentioned before in my previous review, I had received the bulk of my recent preorder earlier than I had expected, since my preorders usually only get shipped when all titles have been released. So far, I have covered one and only two remain. Today, I will be reviewing another one of those titles, […]

Anime Review: Sword Art Online

Well, that took a while, but my Right Stuf order arrived late last week. As a result, the latter of the shows that I said I got in my previous review has been completed. Today, I am going to review that show, which called Sword Art Online (Aincrad (Part 1, Part 2) and Fairy Dance […]

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