Book Review: Secret Volume 3

Things seem to be going pretty well here, huh? As I stated in my last review, I was able to get some books that were difficult for me to find and I was kind of afraid that I would not be able to get them as quickly as I normally would, thanks to what caused […]

Book Review: Secret Volume 2

It seems to have been a while, huh? I know that have been focusing on the simulcast that will end this month, which means that things are not really dead here, but were some titles that I have been trying to find and they were not on book store shelves when they were supposed to […]

Book Review: Secret Volume 1

I guess I should be lucky that nothing has happened, huh? As I have mentioned already, I recently got three books from Barnes & Noble during recent sale that was apparently happening both online and in stores. So far, I have covered each book until one remained. Today, I will be reviewing that remaining title, […]

Book Review: Judge Volume 6

It certainly is sad that I cannot continue on with the big things I got before Barnes & Noble’s images started being corrupted and now being unable to download ebooks from them, but there is nothing that can be done about that, though it is kind of sad that I cannot check the quality of […]

Book Review: Judge Volume 5

It looks like things are going a bit better. I finally found the solution to my problems with the app I mentioned in the last post, and submitted the update. As a reward to myself, I will continue on with reviewing the books I got in print, and three have been covered, leaving only one. […]

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