Anime Review: Clannad After Story


I have said that I would be discussing anime here on this blog. Today, I am finally fulfilling that. This month, I ordered two anime DVDs. I have been following both series and enjoyed them. The review today is on Clannad After Story.

What is the show about? A boy named Tomoya Okazaki and a girl named Nagisa Furukawa have overcome many things since they first met. They helped so many people, as well as helped each other grow stronger. After they graduated from high school, they got married and experienced a lot of trouble, the worst being the death of a loved one, leaving only Tomoya and his new daughter to patch things up after the heart break.

What did you like about the show? I would say almost everything. Even now, I feel like crying, especially at the part where the image that is displayed in this post comes from. I liked how Tomoya, who was previously a delinquent before meeting Nagisa, became more kind and sociable, considering that he has been on bad terms with his father for a while. Even when Nagisa and Tomoya were dating, which is where the show starts at, they still took the time to help out their friends. For example, in order to stop some fighting between two gangs, Tomoya accepted the one-on-one challenge in place of the one of the gangs’ leaders. He did not do it for any selfish reason, but because a friend, who had helped Tomoya and Nagisa out before, wanted the two gangs to stop fighting and her brother, the leader whom Tomoya stood in for, made that his final wish. Of course, it probably would not have been good if they did not. After all, this show focuses on the importance of friendship and family. Another good point is that after many years, Tomoya, with the help of his grandmother, finally forgives his father for his troubled past and realizes that he was a good father after all. By this point in the series, Tomoya is not having a healthy relationship with his daughter, since Nagisa died during childbirth. The series has made me want to cry and shows the importantance of friends and family.

What did you not like about the show? Surprisingly, there really is not anything that I particularly dislike. Everything just runs smoothly. Very few series have anything bad to say about them.

This show has made me want to cry, even though I held it in. It shows the importance of friendship and family by showing the protagonists stand up for their friends and the fact that one of the protagonists makes up with their own family. I highly recommend people see this show, as there are not really any show out there any more that focus on the importance of family or friends.

How was the review? What are you opinions of this show? feel free to comment.

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