Dubious Mystery Tour

I have never done this before, but here it goes anyway. I have currently sent the manuscript for my next book off to the proofreader, which I am calling Dubious Mystery Tour. It has been getting pretty decent viewings on WattPad, for how many views my works get and one reader thought that it was very interesting.

What is the story about? A boy goes on a trip with a childhood friend to join a mystery tour. The tour members are split up into five groups of two to three people, which means that only ten to fifteen people can participate. When they arrive, the tour members are asked to solve a case that has gone unsolved. The person who solves it get half million as a reward. However, tour members start dropping dead in a similar fashion to Agatha Christie’s And Then There were None.

In Ultimate Darkness, the Hacker family, who was introduced in Divinity’s End, have all died, along with everything else in existence, so they will not show up, especially since this is a timeline in which is not even related to them. However, I do have plans have the appearance of a new group that will be present in the next set of four books, even though things will be kept until much later. The first occurrence is in this title. Nobody has seen them, but they are aware of what is going on. For any activity they get involved in, everybody related to the activity usually dies, unless they have another use for them.

The main character seems to have a connection with this group, but you will have to read, in order to find out exactly how he is connected.

As for a release date, I will estimate either late fall or early winter. If you want to read the rough draft, it can be viewed at this location.

Is this an interesting idea? How do you like the rough draft? Feel free to comment.

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