Well, here it goes again. There was a problem preventing my blog from registering with Google Reader, due to some difficulties with s9y. My name is Bryce and I plan to make posts on various subjects, such as writing, anime, technology, and whatever else I feel like.

There are a lot of anime, tech, and writing blogs out there. What makes this one unique? Well, many of the anime blogs out there are either by fans or those in the industry. Sadly, few, if any, of the blogs out there apply their thoughts on anime in a writer’s perspective and how it can show what good can be applied to writing or things that should be avoided. The writing portion of posts will focus on things that can help make better stories or even talk about what I deal with among my various projects. Overall, it is just to bring about a writer’s perspective to some things.

This blog has changed between so many platforms, why? Well, this recent change was due to a problem found with linking from blogger, but the others were because the platform gave me too many troubles, in the case of WordPress and PivotX.

Do you guys think that this is an interesting idea? Feel free to comment.

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