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A bit earlier in the month, I talked about the very first plugin I personally made for Habari, though I did need some help from the developers. However, that is not my only plugin now. Recently, I made another plugin for Habari, which I completed without any help from the developers. Today, I thought I […]

Tag Title Habari Plugin

In a few posts, I have talked about plugins for Habari that I liked and/or found useful. Recently, with the help of the Habari devs, I have tried my hand at making a plugin of my own. Today, I will be talking about the plugin, which I called Tag Title. Having used Habari for such […]

Interwiki Habari Plugin

A while back, I talked about my favorite Habari plugins, which received some links from the Habarians forum. Nothing much has changed, but I have found another neat plugin. Today, I thought that I would talk about that plugin, which is called Interwiki. As most of you should probably know, I have local and server-based […]

Favorite Plugins

I had two things in mind that I really wanted to cover at some point, but as I said in my last post, the auto-discovery of feeds is being phased out by browser developers. However, being optimistic that my guess would work sure did not pay off. While optimism is good, things are not guaranteed […]

Why Personal Blogs Fail

I would like to apologize to everyone who had troubles accessing my blog today. I was tweaking my theme so that link addresses would get print, when people print the posts from the blog. I deleted the wrong thing, when pushing the changes to the server that would render the internal links here as absolutes. […]

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