Book Review: Case Closed Volume 78

I hope everyone is doing well, especially now that the vaccines have been coming out to the populous, one of which reported fights viruses in a new way. Aside from being in quite a bit of pain and experiencing a few annoyances, things have been going well here. A while ago, I took a look […]

Book Review: Case Closed Volume 77

I hope everyone has been doing well, even if stressors from the previous year have yet to dissipate. Aside from things being highly stressful here, which should go away soon, things have been decent and I can still do the things I enjoy. A while ago, I was browsing Amazon, to make sure I can […]

Book Review: The Ancient Magus Bride Volume 13

I hope everyone is still doing well, and hanging in there amid the mess of current events. Things are still the same here as last time, but I can still do what I like. Recently, I managed to finally place preorders for two titles I have been following and both arrived this week. Today, I […]

Book Review: Case Closed Volume 76

I hope everyone is doing well, even if things have been messed up quite a bit, due to recent events. Things are going alright here, as things have been more stressful than usual, but I can still do most of the things I want. For a while, I have been trying to check Amazon for […]

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