Book Review: Case Closed Volume 28

Remember how I said that there was one series that I was going to pick up again? Right now, I am trying to play catch up so, I ordered three volumes within the total of four books. Out of the four books I ordered from Barnes & Noble, one arrived recently. Today, I will be […]

Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 4

Things have so far been progressing smoothly. I found the solution to most of my issues to Mountain Lion when I published the last post, so there does not seem to be anything that would mess with my to maintain the blog. Anyway, I have so far gotten through three episodes with 120 more to […]

Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 3

Well, it looks like the upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion worked out pretty well, though I was expecting to do a clean install from my method. On the other hand, there were some issues I had to resolve and some of my software is not functioning well. However, things are functioning well enough that […]

Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 2

Well, it looks like July is finally coming to an end. Whether or not there are as many posts in August is still up in the air, since I need to update the eBook archive before I get too many posts on my plate and I will be likely upgrading my Operating System to OS […]

Anime Review: Case Closed Episode 1

I hope everyone had a nice break from the almost daily posting that occurred. Things like that are not common here, since I have mainly been reviewing new or short series and books, but because of that, the month of July has been my most active month yet, even including last year’s posts, which were […]

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