G+ Author Habari Plugin

It looks like things have been pretty productive. Recently, I made two plugins for Habari. Today, I will be talking about one of them, which is called G+ Author. I have noticed that many people are linking their stuff to a Google+ account, which does seem neat, but I was not really certain that I […]

QRCode Habari Plugin

A while back, I made a post talking about my favorite plugins. In it I mentioned that the pages look a bit different when printed out, at least from a desktop, laptop, or iPad, and that it was mainly a feature of the theme, though a plugin does help to make sure there are no […]

Tumblr for Socialink Habari Plugin

Now that I mostly completed my plugin, I do not really think that there is much else at this time. Still, that does not mean I cannot improve other things. For quite a while, I have been using Socialink, which is a nice plugin. However, there were improvements that could certainly have been made, mainly […]

Feed Titles Habari Plugin

Most people should know I have started making plugins for Habari. However, support for some of those plugins has ended in favor of a new plugin that I created. Today, I will be talking about the new plugin, which is called Feed Titles. As I have stated on this blog before, the Habari User Manual […]

Post Title Habari Plugin

A bit earlier in the month, I talked about the very first plugin I personally made for Habari, though I did need some help from the developers. However, that is not my only plugin now. Recently, I made another plugin for Habari, which I completed without any help from the developers. Today, I thought I […]

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