Book Review: The Thin Executioner

It looks like I have been doing this month with my old decision of trying to update the blog every 3-5 days. As I have stated, I received three books from my sister. I got it mixed up in a previous post in stating they were all from Christmas. Just today, I finished the last […]

Book Review: The Book Thief

Today, it seems like a special day. Thanksgiving comes next week, but that is not all. However, that has nothing to do with today's post. As I stated previously, I received three books from my sister as Christmas presents. I already reviewed one of them, which brings the number down to two remaining, which is […]

Book Review: The Alchemyst

As much mentioned in the last post, my sister has introduced me to various titles. Last year, I received three books in total from her as presents. Today, I will be posting a review of one of those three, called The Alchemyst. This book about fraternal twins, Sophie and Josh Newman, who get caught up […]

Book Review: Mockingjay

My sister has given me quite a few books to read and occupy my time. Some, I found on my own, but it is mostly her thinking of what I may or may not like. Through her, I was introduced to titles like The Uglies, Percy Jackson, The City of Ember, The Hunger Games, and […]

Book Review: iWoz

Some time after I announced over on Google+ that I had posted my review of the biography of Steve Jobs, which was the post previous to this, a follower recommended I read a book about another co-founder of Apple, who is just as important in the history of computers as Steve Job. Today’s post is […]

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